Quadruple chocolate decadent brownie recipe dense fudge brownie recipe

Made with milk, white, dark and unsweetened chocolates, this rich, decadent brownie recipe is perfect for special occasions and holiday cookie plates.

It’s time for the annual Sweetest Season Cookie Exchange hosted by Erin at The Speckled Palate! My contribution is this recipe for a most decadent brownie made with not one, not two, but four different chocolates. Easy brownie recipe no butter See the other cookies and treats by going to this page and start making your own list of cookies to make for this sweet season.

I adapted this decadent brownie from a Food and Wine recipe that originally made 2 large pans of brownies and called for pounds of butter, chocolate, and a mind-boggling 16 eggs! Obviously this was not a recipe for the faint of heart.

After a few modifications, but still using a fair amount of butter, eggs and chocolate, it’s still a rich recipe – but one bite and you will understand. Best brownie recipe ever chewy It’s worth it.

One of my biggest tips for any recipe that calls for melted unsweetened chocolate is to use cocoa powder and oil as a substitute for the pound of unsweetened chocolate, which is about half of the cost of bar chocolate, and are usually pantry staple items (versus a bar of unsweetened chocolate – now sweetened chocolate is another thing…).

Every container of unsweetened cocoa powder should have the substitution equivalents on the back label: 3 TB. Fudge brownie recipe easy cocoa powder + 1 TB oil = 1 oz. Fudge brownie recipe betty crocker of unsweetened chocolate. Chewy fudge brownie recipe from scratch So for this recipe, it would be:

You can use any oil you prefer, even melted coconut oil (I usually choose a neutral one like expellier-pressed sunflower) and then add it and the cocoa powder to the melted butter called for in this recipe. Simple brownie recipe without eggs It’s really simple and actually quicker than melting that much chocolate.

Another tip that works with any bar cookie to make them easier to remove from the pan and cut is to line your baking pan with parchment that extends up the long sides. Good brownie recipe from scratch These are easy to grab and lift the brownies out when they are ready to be cut.

• Melt and drizzle three different melted chocolates on top of the dough (as you can see, perfection is not required – some of the chocolate will be dollops and some drizzles – it’s all good).

You’ll want to let the brownies cool completely – even refrigerate them overnight – before cutting since they are so fudgy. Chocolate brownie recipe cocoa I like to use a pizza cutter to cut them,it makes it really easy to get fairly straight lines and neat edges without having to stop and clean your knife.

To give these brownies at the holidays (or birthdays, special days, etc.), you can cut them into regular sizes and wrap 2 or 4 to a package (like shown) or cut into 12 large pieces to wrap individually leaving the recipients to cut them up in smaller pieces. Perfect chocolate brownie recipe They freeze beautifully and last for months when frozen, so these are a great option for making ahead.