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I recount this tale because if you were to apply to the New York City steakhouse the same consumer logic that precipitated both the rise and the fall of the Hummer, you should theoretically end up with the same result. Homeade chicken fingers Theoretically. How long to cook chicken fingers in oven Lower beef prices in the gilded aughts fueled an Ozerskian breed of conspicuous carnivore, and restaurateurs indulged that desire with plush steakhouses at every turn.

But beef prices now, like those of gasoline in 2007, are at an all-time high. Who invented chicken fingers And while we may rightly still tip our hats to old-time steak-slingers like Peter Luger and Keens, the truth is that we don’t need any more steakhouses in New York. Golden chicken fingers At least, we don’t need them in the sense that they currently exist: uniform institutions hawking pricey shellfish platters, á la carte sides, over-chilled Caesar salads, and gargantuan cuts of meat.

As with many steakhouses, steaks at Quality Eats are essentially a la carte — the accompanying heap of greens and tiny ramekin of corn creme brulée don’t really count as add-ons. Chicken fingers recipe buttermilk The restaurant doesn’t sell the traditional hash browns, creamed spinach, or mashed potatoes; here’s what you can expect to pair with your meat.

Curly fries: Orange-hued frites seasoned with cayenne, salt, paprika, garlic power, and parmesan, with a sting from a scattering of scallions.

Baked potato monkey bread: When I ordered these bacon butter- and chive-topped pull-apart rolls at the beginning of one meal, they didn’t arrive until halfway through the main course.

Then a bartender clears your plates for your steaks, which appear 20 minutes after you’re finished your starters. Chicken fingers recipe indian style Or sometimes the server doesn’t remove your dirty dishes until the entrees finally arrive. Chicken fingers recipe by shireen anwer And then no one clears your mains until you ask for a check, so a server hands you a dessert menu, after which you ask for a check again.

There’s the rub. Chicken fingers dip recipe Service, especially at the bar, evokes the type of hospitality experience one might expect from a budget airline, not from a restaurant family with decades of experience purportedly making people happy. Chicken fingers recipe filipino style Over four visits, I only twice ended up getting everything I ordered. Chicken strips recipe uk Red wines were consistently too warm. Chicken strips marinade recipe Catching the bartender’s eye was a matter of military strategy: one minute he’s facing the wall, the next he’s checking his phone, the next he’s busy eating sunchoke gratin with sriracha.

But let’s stick to the larger themes. Chicken tenders recipe nz You’re here for red meat, not the lemon charred chicken or Mediterranean branzino. 4 fingers chicken wings recipe Steaks, sourced from hormone-free, antibiotic-free Brandt and Creekstone cows, are cheap and delicious. Baked chicken strips calories Here’s the rundown: The flatiron blade is short on flavor but big on chew, not necessarily a bad thing for those who enjoy a bit of umami-rich mastication. Juicy baked chicken tenders The skirt steak boasts a hint more flavor and tenderness than the flatiron, while the hanger exudes massive juiciness, with the concentrated flavor of consommé.

Even the filet mignon (listed on the menu as, improbably, “The Don Ameche”) knocks it out of the park: Bartlow amps up the neutral cut by plating rare slices over smooth-as-foie-gras chicken liver toast. Baked chicken tenders panko buttermilk The only real misses are the long-bone short rib (a tough, 12-ounce cartilaginous cut that tastes of bitter, carbonized char), and a patty melt whose sweet caramelized onions and melted American cheese obliterate any flavor of beef.

Desserts, largely a variety of ice creams topped with toasted marshmallows or chunks of birthday cake, are skippable. Baked chicken tenders temperature Instead, flag down the waiter (be sure to budget some time for that), ask for the bill, and be grateful you’ve enjoyed a fully-loaded carnivore’s feast for about half of what dinner at a steakhouse usually costs.