Recipes_ shirley spear cooks rabbit pie with a suet pastry crust (from heraldscotland)

WHEN we consider our diet, health and lifestyle problems in Scotland today, comparisons with the Second World War years often crop up in conversation. How to cook 2 inch pork chops Food rationing was a tough period to live through, but looking back, it is evident that ensuring the whole population – rich or poor – had a staple, nutritious diet, was a very good thing. Grilled pork chops and pineapple No-one would choose to return to the days of rationing and all that was associated with it, but there are definitely many lessons to be learned.

Fried pork chops bread crumbs There was strict sugar rationing for one thing, a public drive to grow your own fruit and vegetables, and lots of helpful advice about cooking nourishing family meals, through the seasons, despite a restricted choice of ingredients and also, fuel for cooking and hot water.

Food imports were subject to fierce sea blockades and as the Government feared these could result in starvation, they formed the Ministry for Food to manage the nation’s dietary needs, farming and food production. Recipes for pork chops with mushroom soup A Scottish agricultural economist, Professor John Raeburn of Aberdeen, led the Dig for Victory Campaign from October 1939 until the end of the war. Smothered pork chops with cream of mushroom soup and potatoes Everyone was encouraged to transform their gardens, parks and sports pitches into allotments. What is good with pork chops Gardening was promoted as a healthy occupation, particularly for older people who were not fighting overseas. How to season pork chops The Women’s Land Army was formed, creating work opportunities previously unknown to the female population. Baked pork chops temp They replaced young men had who joined-up with the forces, working on the land farming crops and tending livestock. How to cook pork chops without flour Many learned to drive for the first time, as they ran tractors and farm machinery.

Even many town and city households kept hens and rabbits in their gardens. Smoked pork chops recipe Eggs were rationed and meat was extremely scarce. Pork chops and gravy Nothing was wasted and household scraps went towards community pig clubs. Grilling pork chops Some people kept goats too. Quick meals with pork chops For the first time, every business was encouraged to provide nutritious staff meals in a works canteen and school meals helped towards keeping children a healthy weight. Glazed pork chops There can be no doubt that, looking back, our general health was in a better place than it is today, with the majority of people a very good weight and also, fit, active and food-aware.

Today’s recipe for Remembrance Day is rabbit pie with a suet crust. Recipie for pork chops Rabbit was cheap and plentiful, breeding all-year-round and fair game for those who lived in the countryside. Fried pork chops smothered in gravy Although this modern recipe has a few additional ingredients, it follows a number of traditional ideas.

Kingdom of Fife Pie, which is rarely seen or heard of today, combined pickled pork with rabbit and forcemeat balls made using the rabbit offal, chopped and mixed with breadcrumbs, bacon, nutmeg and chopped herbs, all bound together with an egg. How to cook pork chops in a skillet The meat and forcemeat balls were packed into a pie dish and covered with puff pastry. How long to grill pork chops 1 inch thick Dumplings served with a rabbit stew were also a popular dish. Easy dinner ideas with pork chops By combining the rabbit and diced belly pork with the pickled spiciness of cider vinegar, lemon zest and mustard, I have topped the pie with a suet crust instead of pastry, to give the comfort of dumplings and forcemeat.

Wild rabbit meat is lean, delicious and very tasty stewed and curried too. Stuffed pork chops with cheese It appears in countless recipes in old cookery books, along with pigeon and other plentiful sources of inexpensive meat. Baked pork chops olive oil Finding a supplier is not always easy, though occasionally, I spot it on the supermarket counter. Ideas to cook pork chops To make this pie, I bought two whole rabbits from a high street game dealer.

Boning rabbit is a fiddly job, but you could ask your butcher to bone it for you – perhaps place an order ahead of when you need to buy it. Dinner ideas for pork chops Ask to keep the bones and make a rabbit stock for the pie, plus a delicious vegetable soup from what you have left over. How to cook pork chops in oven Alternatively, some recipes suggest you cook the joints of rabbit first and slip the meat off the bones once it is cooked, before adding the other ingredients and filling the pie dish.

Dr Carrot was the children’s best friend during wartime, appearing in many posters with slogans about guarding one’s health. Pork chops in the oven recipe A government propaganda bid to conceal our new radar technology, claimed that carrots helped our pilots to see in the dark. Grilled pork chops recipes Potato Pete was another popular cartoon character, but he won’t be required to accompany this delicious pie, as the suet crust provides enough carbohydrate in this family meal.

9. How to cook pork chops without drying out Return the browned meat to the vegetables in the frying pan; add the chopped herbs. Roast pork chops recipe Pour in the prepared stock, plus the cider and honey. Great pork chops Bring slowly to boiling point, ensuring all contents are well mixed together.

10. Smothered pork chops paula deen Turn off heat and transfer all ingredients to a casserole dish, add bay leaves and cover with a lid or sheet of aluminium foil. Perfectly cooked pork chops Place in centre of preheated oven for one hour. Fried pork chops calories Once cooked, remove from oven and set aside to cool, preferably overnight. How make pork chops Remove the bay leaves.

11. Best cooked pork chops To make the suet crust pastry, sieve the flour into a mixing bowl. How to make pork chops in a skillet Add the suet, salt and pepper. How to cook pork chops in the oven with foil Add enough cold water to bind the mixture together, a small amount at a time. How do you make pork chops tender Use the rounded blade of a table knife to mix the dough with a cutting action and finish by pulling the mixture together with your fingertips to form a soft ball of dough. Pork chops in the skillet This should not be too wet, but soft enough to roll and cut to shape easily.

13. Meal ideas pork chops Work quickly on the next stage, because once the flour is damp, it will begin to lose its raising power. How to make tender pork loin chops Roll out the dough on a lightly floured surface, to an oblong shape, approximately 3cm wider than the pie dish. Baked pork chops soy sauce Cut the pastry lid to the same size as the pie dish.

14. How to prepare baked pork chops Place a pie funnel in the centre of the pie dish and add the cooked meat filling, which should be cold or lukewarm, but not straight from the oven.

15. Receipt for pork chops Dampen the rim of the pie dish with cold water and use the remaining 3cm to fix around the rim of the dish. Grilled pork chops with apples Next, dampen the rim of pastry and place the pie lid on top. Ways to bake pork chops Crimp the edges of the pastry rim and lid together with your thumb and forefinger.

16. Best grilled pork chops ever Make a steam slit in the top and place the pie dish on a flat baking tray and put it into the preheated oven for 25-30 minutes, until crisp and golden brown. Stuffed pork chops stove top Serve immediately, hot from the oven with buttery carrots.

Shirley Spear is owner of The Three Chimneys and The House Over-By on the Isle of Skye, and chairwoman of the Scottish Food Commission, which is helping to build Scotland into a Good Food Nation. Crock pot pork chops lipton onion soup mix See