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Once, restaurant food was something you went out for because you could never do it at home. How to cook chicken parmesan pasta Now, it’s shifting the other way. How to cook chicken parmesan Sure, we still go to the Sepias, Atticas and Esquires of this world to stretch the boundaries and marvel at technique, but increasingly, it’s simply about outsourcing. All recipes chicken parmesan I mean, you can wash the car with a sponge and a bucket, but do you?

Take No. Easy to make chicken parmesan 1 Bent Street, the new restaurant for chef Mike McEnearney (of Kitchen By Mike fame). Chicken parmesan recipes easy delicious It’s the quintessential “home away from home” dining room, with a fresh (or at least modified) menu every day and produce that you or I would probably have no trouble hunting down.

Chicken parmesan without tomato sauce From chicken liver parfait to nursery puddings, it’s a finger in the air to just about every astringent/ fermented/foraged trend in town.

McEnearney has done a fine job of giving a concrete bunker warmth: thick wooden tables, bentwood chairs, stripy Provençal napkins, open weave woollen upholstery on the banquettes and a marvellous, multicoloured striped ceiling. Chicken bread crumbs parmesan It all adds to the mood created by a team of waiters with more runs on the board than Sachin Tendulkar.

There’s a lack of pretension about the place, and my goodness hasn’t Sydney’s CBD responded. Penne rosa with parmesan crusted chicken No reservation? Try, but I wouldn’t fancy your chances.

McEnearney has a strong CV: Rockpool in various incarnations, heady stuff in London, and Iggy’s bakery in Sydney, where he learnt to bake outrageously good sourdough. Baked chicken parmesan pasta recipe All well and good, but we paid $4 per head for exactly half a thick slice of the stuff each, with nice butter. Parmesan chicken On that yield, he must be grossing around $48 a loaf.

Putting the pain of the pain behind us, the popularity of Bent Street shows diners are coming back to classic, approachable food. Chicken parmesan recipe with panko bread crumbs Things such as goat’s cheese souffle; grilled quail with tapenade; chicken liver parfait with sourdough toast; spit roasted chicken; lamb and vegie broth with pease pudding (when was the last time you saw that on an Australian menu?).

A tasty, rich dish of Roman-style honeycomb tripe, served with chargrilled bread and a cheek of lemon, is indicative of the flavourfirst kind of approach. Best foods parmesan chicken It’s too salty by a clear margin, and the tripe itself is a bit soft for me, but there’s no doubting the layers of slowly developed flavours.

Oven roasted romanesco — that odd-looking vegetable that sits somewhere between broccoli and cauliflower — comes with a braise of chickpeas and, just to confuse things, a romesco sauce. Delicious chicken parmesan recipe Good stuff.

Amazingly good fillets of John Dory are roasted in the wood oven on the bone first, dressed with a bit of caper, thyme, oil and lemon, their grey skin sticky and gelatinous … Chicken parmesan baked ziti recipe such wonderful fish. Easy parmesan chicken recipe It’s teamed with piquant, Moroccan-spiced, cinnamon-heavy brussels sprouts, cabbage, bacon and chestnuts. Chicken parmesan with fresh mozzarella The spice is a welcome surprise, the dish generous and happy.

If savoury courses are like dinner at a friend’s, elevated by lovely produce and a downtown buzz, dessert is like dinner at granny’s: custard and quince, lemon delicious, rice pudding with rhubarb jam. Chicken parmesan tomato sauce And, from a (sensibly) printed list of daily specials, a steamed marmalade pudding that is mealy, comforting, delicious — and the whipped salted butter is such a wonderful partner. Parmesan chicken strips Bring me a cup of cocoa.

It’s an easy place to like, Bent Street. Quick and easy chicken parmesan bake This is a team with little to prove and the confidence to plough timeless fields. Chicken and parmesan cheese recipe It feels like home.

Address: 1-7 Bent Street, Sydney | Contact: 02 9252 5550 , | Hours: Lunch Mon-Fri; dinner Mon-Sat | Typical Prices: Entrees $24; mains $38; desserts $14 | Summary: Home away from home | Like this? Try: Lupino, Melbourne; Peel Street, Adelaide | Score: 3.5 out of 5

“Breast Chipees,” screams the packaging. What to cook with chicken parmesan Yes, it got my attention too. How to make chicken parmesan easy There, in the refrigerated section of a big Aussie supermarket, was a whole new food category I’d never dreamed of, a tribute to the ingenuity of post-farm, value-added chicken processing. Parmesan crusted chicken breast Yep, “Breast Chipees” are a thing.

Any time you’re feeling a bit flat, a little out of sorts with this complex world, a stroll through a modern supermarket to dip a toe in the waters of absurdity should put a smile back on your face. Food com chicken parmesan In just about any aisle there is food that’s been fiddled with for the sake of “convenience”, presumably for those who cannot face dealing with incredibly inconvenient real food.

But the chickeny products section is the real jewel. Good sides for chicken parmesan There among the schnitzels and Kievs you’ll find any number of horrors. Chicken parmesan recipe panko Dino Snacks, for example, shaped like little T-Rex in tempura; Chicken Breast Nuggets Microwaveable; Chicken Fingers; and a new brand (to me, anyway), SFC, which shamelessly borrows the graphic identity of an international fried chicken brand, right down to selling a Take Home Boneless Bucket.

You know the Woody Allen skit about vodka? “The phone rings and a voice on the other end says, ‘How would you like to be this year’s Vodka Man?’ and I say, ‘No. No fry chicken parmesan I’m an artist. How to make chicken parmesan ahead of time I do not do commercials. Baked chicken parmesan recipe I don’t pander. How do i make chicken parmesan I don’t drink vodka and if I did, I would not drink your product.’ He said: ‘Too bad. Parmesan chicken wraps It pays $50,000.’ And I said: ‘Hold on. Parmesan chicken recipe easy I’ll put Mr Allen on the phone…’” The modern version is Chicken Man; it pays closer to $15 million. Parmesan crusted chicken alfredo Er, just a moment, I’ll put Mr Oliver on the phone.

Now our Jamie has put his name to a range of pre-prepared poultry products made by Sadia, a division of Brazilian food giant BRF. Chicken parmesan recipe ragu Yeah, that would be the same bloke who campaigned against Turkey Twizzlers, factory farming of chickens et al.

Oliver says it gives him the opportunity to make “lasting change on a large scale”. Tomato sauce for chicken parmesan BRF is one of the largest chicken producers in the world, reportedly responsible for nearly 20 per cent of all the birds reared on the planet. Parmesan chicken easy It’s the old “better to effect change from inside the system” argument.

We discussed this at home. What goes with chicken parmesan Oliver doesn’t need the money, argued my wife, so surely he is doing this only to change practices at Sadia. Recipe for chicken parmesan in the oven Oliver himself has said: “Everything I do has to have purpose in the food industry, and right at the heart of my partnership with Sadia is a massive system change of better chicken welfare standards at scale in Brazil. Chicken parmesan description We’re revolutionising the frozen food category with better quality food and have already made a positive difference to the standards of over 40 million Brazilian chickens. Parmesan crusted chicken rachael ray And that’s just the start.”

Personally, I don’t think processed food products from the freezer are the way ahead, regardless of the animal welfare issues. No bake chicken parmesan Think about those Breast Chipees, 58 per cent of each being something other than chicken.

I’m more on the side of the Brazilian professor of nutrition, who said when this news broke: “Jamie Oliver won’t make Sadia better, but Sadia will make Jamie Oliver worse.” But for $15 mill? I’ll put Mr Lethlean on the phone.

The luxuriantly tousle-headed Jean-Claude Mas looks every inch a French playboy. Chicken parmesan with spaghetti sauce He makes casual clothes look smart, and his accent is international French, moulded by his life experience: an upbringing in Languedoc, university degrees in economics and advertising, working in the French consulate in Miami to develop French food and wine imports, and four years in Bordeaux in the early ’90s.

The fact that he spent the first three years after graduating in motor racing should come as no surprise; neither should the eye-watering pace of the growth of Domaines Paul Mas. Recipe baked chicken parmesan It all started in 1892, when Jean-Claude’s great-grandfather, August Max, bought the first family vineyard. Easy homemade chicken parmesan Grandfather Raymond and father Paul added yet more, the latter giving 35ha to Jean-Claude in 1987 — the acorn from which the massive oak tree Domaines Paul Mas grew.

When I visited Domaines Paul Mas in 2009 it was already producing well over half a million cases. How to make chicken parmesan recipe Today it is making 1.6 million cases, its major markets the UK, the Netherlands, Japan and North America. Calories in a chicken parmesan sub It has 650ha of estate vineyards, contracts with growers for 40 varieties, and 12 regional brands spread across Languedoc.

In 2015, trade mag Drinks International ranked the world’s 50 most recognised wine brands. Chicken and parmesan Domaines Paul Mas was 16th, between Chateau Haut-Brion and Chateau Mouton Rothschild. Bread crumbs parmesan chicken (Penfolds was third, Cloudy Bay 14th, Yellow Tail 22nd.) Its Arrogant Frog label, launched in 2005 in Australia, now sells more than five million bottles around the world, one million in this country. What goes with parmesan chicken Its utter irreverence reached new heights when it labelled its shiraz “Croak Rotie” — a play on Cote-Rotie, the Rhone Valley region renowned for this variety. How to cook parmesan chicken When I asked Jean-Claude about the reaction of the French authorities, he laughed and said: “They sent me a letter.”

2014 ARROGANT FROG RIBET SAUVIGNON BLANC. Parmesan chicken drumsticks The largest selling wine for Mas, full of sweet, soft tropical fruit flavours, but not obviously sweet on the finish. Chicken parmesan recipe oven Clearly ticks the boxes for its target market with its name, label design, generosity — and price. Easy oven chicken parmesan 13.5% alc; screwcap 84 points; drink now; $9.40

2015 ARROGANT FROG ROSE SYRAH. How to prepare chicken parmesan Made from high-yielding vines given all the water and nutrients they need, avoiding stress and the development of the polyphenols sought for dry red wines. Authentic chicken parmesan recipe It’s all made in the vineyard, its flowery/berry/candy fruits needing no residual sugar. The best parmesan chicken bake At 3gL it tastes dry. Parmesan chicken cutlets 13.5% alc; screwcap 85 points; drink now; $9.40

2014 DOMAINES PAUL MAS ST MARTIN LIMOUX. Baked chicken parmesan recipe rachael ray The winery and vineyard are a recent acquisition, producing a minuscule (in Mas terms) 20,000 dozen bottles of traditional method sparkling wine (fermented in the bottle in which it is sold) with 15 months on lees. Chicken parmesan ingredients It is 90% mauzac, grown only in Limoux and Gaillac, and combines flavour and freshness on its long, well balanced palate. Chicken parmesan recipe italian A real surprise packet. Cheap chicken parmesan recipe 12% alc; Diam 88 points; drink to 2017; $14