Retail politics and middle america charm give the hopefuls solid, though cliched footing as a summer read _ national post

Though Jennifer Close’s third novel is still a timely cinch for a long weekend: breezy, quick and straightforward enough to allow for a few pints alongside. Noodles and company lakewood co The Hopefuls is set in Washington, D.C. Noodle or noodles and suburban Sugar Land, Texas, but its story is all middle-America charm: two wives, one a Southern casserole queen and the other a sarcastic Upper East Side columnist, become unlikely friends in Washington where their husbands have followed Obama’s first campaign to the capital.

Beth, the book’s Wisconsin-born narrator, is characterized by the requisite ardency of a New York City convert. What is in noodles The District isn’t doing it for the relocated, now-jobless magazine writer, and Beth’s dislike of capital living plays out passive-aggressively in her marriage.

Noodles and company village crossing While Ivy League go-getter husband Matt Kelly thrives in campaign trenches, in D.C. Noodles and company healthy his work brings only lateral and lackadaisical career moves. Noodles & company coupons When the pair meet Jimmy and Ash Dillon at one of many obligatory Washington mixers, the utterly opposite couples become fast friends.

Big-grinning Jimmy Dillon isn’t long for the White House’s middling rank. Noodles resturant When he decides to bid on a local ticket in his home state of Texas, Matt signs on as campaign manager and brings Beth south to canvas for the season. Noodles and company indianapolis Joining the team as Jimmy’s point man lets Matt do what he does best – the sundry tasks typical of a campaign strategist. Noodles to go Where Jimmy’s handsome humility plays well to frontline politics, Matt’s speech writing and policy know-how bring up the rear. Noodles and company hours today (Matt knows his strengths aren’t suited to the spotlight, but he’s registered just in case.)

If that hints to Matt’s envy of Jimmy Dillon, it’s a detail in good company among several other subtleties Close includes to paint the picture. Noodles phone number Jealousy is as much glue for these couples as it is the wedge between them, and mounting mutual resentment tests loyalty within their respective relationships. Noodles and company number Matt is cerebral; Jimmy is warm. Noodles and company kenosha Ash is a pin-up campaign wife born to be First Something; meanwhile, Beth wonders if she really has to vote in the election at all.

You’ve seen the characters elsewhere, but Close tries for a new angle here, exploring marriage, friendship and politics with an equally penetrating lens

It’s a story grounded in retail politics: the kind of homey, hand-shaking, red-white-and-blue candidacy Canadians might know from Archie comics or a John Mellencamp hit. Noodles and company jobs Close says the book is inspired by observations she made as a campaign spouse transplanted during the 2008 presidential run – a New York cynic’s peek at the upstarting American politick – and Beth’s shrewd take on Washington rings true to experience. Noodles and company uptown I can’t personally vouch for the number of Ann Taylor skirt-suits on Capitol Hill, but details like that are shared to good effect and humour throughout.

Though readers of Close’s previous novels will recognize the chatty, familiar tone that gave Girls in White Dresses and The Smart One their appeal, they won’t find the same insight that landed this author a bestselling debut. Noodles restaurant locations Beth’s biting jabs are undercut by some sorely overwritten scenes – a blow to the already unsympathetic narrator – and supporting characters are prone to cliché. Noodles and company 96th street Matt’s family is every bit the Maryland elite: he’s one of five prep-schooled siblings doted on by a tennis-loving, vaguely xenophobic matriarch fitted with all the trappings of a disdainful mother-in-law. Noodles house menu dubai It’s a hackneyed cast, but their appearances do make for amusing breaks in the running plot.

A sagging story bottoms out in the thick of the book, when Beth and Matt move cross-country to work on Jimmy’s campaign. Noodles and company wifi Marital problems have been simmering cryptically in the first half, but Beth’s listless narration hits its low and an opportunity to liven the story with a good argument is lost in that silence. Noodles and company appetizers More successful is the author’s analysis of friendship among women. Noodles and company birthday When Jimmy’s campaign falters, Ash and Beth’s relationship fizzles in its wake. Noodles and company salary There’s nuance in that slow-burning spiral that Close captures with skill.

The Hopefuls’ plot is punctuated by several state and federal elections, and it’s here that Close’s writing shines and her experience shows. Company noodles Descriptions of a frenetic campaign are as compelling as scenes of its slumping defeat, and otherwise stilted characters benefit from that action. How do they make noodles Ash, the would-be write-off, enjoys a satisfying unpredictability in the book’s waning chapters, when she shakes off her Stepford shtick to lash out a little. Yamamori noodles menu The last 100 pages are the book’s best, moving with a tightness its middle lacks, and they make an honest case for The Hopefuls earning room in your weekend bag.

You’ve seen the characters elsewhere, but Close tries for a new angle here, exploring marriage, friendship and politics with an equally penetrating lens. Noodles and company louisville co Jokes, if worn, still bring a laugh. Restaurant noodles Close probes the allure of a promising candidate with insider’s authority, and her study is made especially relevant by the current campaign to our south. Noodles menu with prices Spanning both of President Obama’s White House runs, The Hopefuls delivers a fresh reflection on his years in office, with Close’s political observations lending a dimension that punches up the plot.

There’s a reason Ulysses doesn’t often appear on summer’s must-read listicles. Noodles and friends It’s probably the same reason The Hopefuls has. Noodles and company near me This isn’t a book to make you work, but that doesn’t mean it can’t entertain in the three days it would take to read – beach optional.