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The cocktail menu is elaborate, with hand-drawn illustrations explaining the story behind, and the process of making, each cocktail. The best parmesan chicken bake The cocktail names also pay homage to famous locations in Mumbai. Parmesan chicken cutlets We began with Sasoon Dock ( Rs.700). Baked chicken parmesan recipe rachael ray The vodka-based drink arrived in a glass pipe; the server brought along a test tube filled with thyme orange smoke, which he “poured” into the pipe. Chicken parmesan ingredients He also placed a glass of absinthe foam on the side, which was supposed be a palate cleanser, and urged us to take alternate sips of the drink and the foam. Chicken parmesan recipe italian It was a tad too much drama, but the cocktail itself was smooth, with the herby notes of thyme and Kaffir lime coming through clearly. Cheap chicken parmesan recipe We didn’t think the absinthe foam did much for the drink.

Our other drink was the aptly named Sunset @ Carter ( Rs.700), a lovely sundowner to go with the view of the sea-face. How to make chicken parmesan in oven The whisky cocktail had an orange-rosemary concoction mixed in and it was served in a glass set inside another glass piled with ice. How to make chicken parmesan sandwich Both the glasses stood on a contraption that released rosemary smoke. How to make the best chicken parmesan The drink was topped with bitter almond foam, which nicely complemented the slightly sweet cocktail. Chicken parmesan oven To go with the drinks, we tried the Truffled Fries ( Rs.350), which were generously drizzled with truffle oil and Parmesan shavings, and absolutely addictive.

We turned our attention to the tapas menu, which is replete with Indian flavours, though some of the dishes have been dressed up in European garb. Chicken with parmesan Case in point, the Litti Chokha “Profiterolls” ( Rs.300), which give the Bihari staple a modern makeover. Chicken parmesan dip recipe The litti (dough ball) has been replaced by airy choux pastry, stuffed with sattu (roasted chickpea flour) and spices, and topped with a small dollop of baingan bharta (roasted, mashed aubergine). Chicken breast recipes parmesan The profiteroles are little flavour bombs, and we would definitely return for these.

From the non-vegetarian tapas menu, we picked two dishes.

Chicken parmesan recipes baked We enjoyed the Crisp Calamari Rings ( Rs.395), which were crunchy on the outside with the chewy bite of the calamari inside. Parmesan chicken tenders recipe These were served with a delectable ponzu-chilli chutney. Chicken parmesan recipe pioneer woman The 12 Hours Cooked Goan Pork Ribs ( Rs.350) were excellent too. Sides to serve with chicken parmesan The ribs are slow- cooked, tossed with garam masala and finished off in a pan, leaving them tender. Baked chicken cutlet parmesan We loved the texture added by the puffed amaranth seeds that studded the ribs, as well as the accompanying warm braised purple cabbage with hints of cumin.

There are four desserts on the menu, from which we chose the Black Forest Dirt Pile ( Rs.350). How to make chicken parmesan without eggs The plate arrived piled high with a deconstructed Black Forest cake over which the server ladled some thick chocolate sauce. Authentic chicken parmesan There were pieces of chikki (peanut brittle) and revdi (sesame candy), a few blueberries and the ubiquitous microgreens mixed in with the cake crumble. Chicken parmesan and spaghetti You can’t really go wrong with a combination of cake, chocolate sauce and brittle, but the serving was huge, and it’s too much of a sugar rush; we had to abandon it midway.

Our main course of Puffed Rice & Pepper Chicken Khichdi ( Rs.455) was way off the mark. Recipe for baked chicken parmesan It was so dark we couldn’t see the presentation of the dish; all we could discern were the pieces of papad standing upright in the khichdi and the streak of cream across the plate. Parmesan chicken lasagna The dish was essentially puffed rice risotto flavoured with some weird masala, studded with overcooked chicken, sliced olives and papad pieces, and garnished with pine nuts and microgreens.