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It’s a gentle addiction. Best simple brownie recipe Almost a benevolent addiction, since no one who is immersed in a book can be out indulging in criminal activity. Brownie recipe baking chocolate Indeed, he or she may even be increasing his or her potential usefulness to society by this informal education.

There’s also no collateral damage among innocent bystanders.

Simple brownie recipe using cocoa powder Unless, of course, an innocent bystander happens to trip over a stack of books left sitting on the floor and breaks one or more bones.

A major subdivision of book addiction is cookbook collecting. Brownie scratch recipe ‘Tis an insidious affliction, beginning harmlessly enough when a bride buys a single volume as an investment in the health and happiness of her household or when a mother-in-law to be presents a comprehensive overview of kitchen craft in the loving hope that her son won’t be forced to subsist on box-mix brownies and peanut butter sandwiches.

As soon as that first innocuous cookbook appears on your kitchen counter, you become known as a cook. Dark brownie recipe This is ominous. Simple fudgy brownie recipe Friends and relatives (also neighbors in the throes of downsizing) give you cookbooks. Best brownie recipe with cocoa Once you are known to possess more than three cookbooks, you mysteriously acquire the reputation of a cookbook collector.

Then you fall prey to a totally fallacious but widespread belief that if you buy a cookbook and it has but a single good recipe (one you’re likely to use more than once), that cookbook is worth both the purchase price and the space it takes up on your bookshelf.

Once you accept this innocuous-sounding delusion as a tenant of faith you are in really deep trouble, because it’s only a matter of time until you inform your husband that his copy of Stephen Hawking’s “Brief History of Time” has got to go in order to make room for your copy of “Cooking with Garlic,” which contains a hard-to-find recipe for garlic ice cream. You may not get around to trying this particular confection any time soon. Homemade fudgy brownie recipe But you might want to make it — some day. Best fudgy brownie recipe with cocoa powder And your local library is more likely to have the Brief History than it is to have the recipe for garlic ice cream.

When you find yourself thinking like this, it’s time to either set boundaries for the containment of your collection or resign yourself to toppling gracefully over the edge into cookbook chaos. The following suggestions for containment rules should help you get started down the road to recovery.

All cookbooks admitted to your collection must be readable. Beat brownie recipe This is intended in the mechanical rather than the literary sense. Chocolate brownie recipe no eggs In my case, “Cross Creek Cookery” by Marjorie Kennan Rawlings is a good example.

Mechanical readability requires type large enough and simple enough to read without effort and printing in dark black ink on white or very lightly-tinted paper.

One of my friends has a rule against cookbooks that don’t include nutritional information for each and every recipe. Chocolate brownie recipe in microwave I still have that one under advisement.

Avoid cookbooks that use numerous foreign-language terms without explanations. Chocolate brownie recipe indian You can go crazy trying to prepare meals while switching back and forth between a cookbook and a translating dictionary.

Now that you’ve set some boundaries, take time to weed out anything in your collection that breaks one or more of the containment rules you’ve adopted and donate the culls to your favorite thrift shop.

After all, Christmas is just around the corner, and you really need to make room for the cookbooks friends will give you, plus those impulsively added to your own collection as you shop for the cooks on your gift list.