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While some of the country’s — and the world’s — best chefs stimulate attendees’ taste buds, directors, writers and actors go for their hearts at this week’s Devour! The Food Film Fest in Wolfville.

Currently based in Los Angeles, the married team of producer/director/editor Michael P. Good recipe for baked pork chops Mason and actor/writer/director Leanne Melissa Bishop consider the Annapolis Valley a home away from home, especially during Devour!, where they premiered their award-winning short film Reservations for Three? in 2015.

A native of Port Williams, Bishop starred in the romantic comedy with Kelly Perine, enjoying a first date over a gourmet meal in Beverly Hills and delving into serious life issues right from the get-go. How to cook pork chops on stove top A year later, Bishop and Mason share the director’s chair, with Mason producing, returning as the same characters in Candice & Peter’s Smokin’ Hot Date, and Devour! was the only choice for its premiere, as part of Saturday’s Look Who’s Coming to Dinner shorts matinee at the Al Whittle Theatre.

“It’s nice to be home when you can combine work and visiting. Stuffed pork chops in the oven It’s great when your movie is being shown in a theatre where all your friends and family can come see it,” says Bishop, who feels that premiering their film at such a focused event last year was a big factor in ensuring that Candice and Peter’s adventures continued.

“We had a great time, we sold out our first screening and got a second, and that was packed too,” Mason agrees. Baked pork chops nz “We got a great response, a lot of positive feedback and some great press, and generally it was a great start to a really successful festival run for us.

“Because of that, and the success it had, people started asking ‘Well, what happens after?’ Because you just kind of drop into this couple’s life, and so people really wanted to know where Candice and Peter go from here. Making pork chops in oven And then (festival founders) Lia Rinaldo and Michael Howell had a thing for Devour in L.A. Stuffed pork chops giada early this year, and we were there, and Lia asked if we were going to have another film to bring to the festival this year. Pork loin chops bone in So here we are with another film, also premiering at Devour.”

In Reservations for Three?, Candice got right down to the nitty gritty of whether Peter wanted kids or not, which may not be an ideal first-date conversation topic, but showed how true colours come to the surface when you bring out the big guns. Grilled pork chops gas grill In Candice & Peter’s Smokin’ Hot Date, it’s not a major life issue that’s on the line, unless you consider choosing the proper wine to go with pork chops the kind of thing to go to the mat for.

“I think they’re everyday characters that people can relate to; they’re each quirky in their own way, but not so they’re that far off from real life,” says Bishop. Crock pot pork chops bone in “Kelly and myself co-wrote the first one, and it literally came out of, ‘Well, what’s going on in YOUR life?’

“The characters are not meant to be us, but they’re based on things that were running through our lives, and a lot of our friends’ lives as well. Pork chops baked I like that they’re endearing, and have a lot of back and forth, and they like to play-fight. Can i fry pork chops in olive oil They get off on that, but at the end of it all, they’re coming to have this love for each other.”

Bishop and Mason hope that the natural chemistry that’s developed between Candice and Peter will translate to a longer form of storytelling, and they’re currently working on a pitch for a TV series based on their adventures. Baked pork chops cream of mushroom So far, their combo of screwball comedy and culinary delights has proved to be a hit with festival audiences.

“We’re starting to create a world around them, because both films are so slice-of-life, and apart from some peripheral characters, it’s really all about just the two of them,” says Mason. How to make pork chops in the oven “What we’re doing now is working to fill out the world that they live in, and create more of an ensemble.

Mason and Bishop point out that at the moment, television is awash with food shows, from swearing celebrity chefs to culinary competitions to globetrotting gourmands eating obscure and sometimes disgusting delicacies in far-flung corners of the world.

But for the most part, it’s all reality-based food programming, and with entire channels devoted to watching what we eat, there is virtually no foodie drama or comedy.

“Yeah, food is a key part of the films, and an integral part of life for these two characters,” says Mason. How to make baked pork chops “They may not be chefs or anything, but there is a love of food there. Oven roasted pork chops And the guy who plays Chef Steve in the new film is actually a well-known L.A. Recipes for pork chop suey chef. Recipes for pork chops in the slow cooker He’s Steve Samson, a friend of Kelly’s, and he has a restaurant named Sotto, and is opening a new place called Rossoblu.

“This shared love of food is one of the things these characters bond over. Juicy tender pork chops They don’t always agree, obviously, but it’s something they share, and we want to make it a big part of the series. How to make good pork chops It’s been really fun bringing these characters to life.”

Both filmmakers stress that while food would be a running thread through any future Candice & Peter projects, the interaction of the characters and the growth of their relationship remains key.

And as the two films demonstrate, they are capable of fitting into many different kinds of stories, whether it’s the romantic relationship comedy of Reservations for Three? or the situation and physical comedy of Smokin’ Hot Date. Stuffed pork chops grilled Potentially, they could develop in dramatic ways as well.

“We really just wanted to make the characters real, and as it developed, especially with Reservations for Three?, the funny side of it came to the surface,” says Bishop. Bone in pork chops “We never had the clear intention that yes, we were doing comedy, but when we got to Smokin’ Hot Date, we did decide that it would be a comedy from the start.

“Yes, they’re both slice-of-life films, but Reservations has more of a story arc with a beginning, middle and end, whereas Smokin’ Hot Date has more of a day-in-the-life feel that lets us see the funnier side of Candice and Peter. How do i make pork chops But you get equal insight into their lives from both films.”

Once Devour! ends and Bishop and Mason return to L.A., Nova Scotia won’t be far from their minds, as they continue to work on their next project, which they hope to produce here.

“I have a feature film that I wrote called What If? that’s about family, and whether family is really just about blood or is it something more,” Bishop explains. How to cook pork chops filipino style “Michael and I are working on producing it, and our plan is to shoot it in Nova Scotia in early 2017.

“Hopefully, everything will work out that way. Meals to make with pork chops This is my home, and Michael lived here for seven years, so we’re looking at options for shooting it here.”

As with any film, the key to getting it made is finding the financial backing to get the cameras rolling, from private as well as public sources. Crock pot pork chops and apples Despite living in L.A., Bishop and Mason have kept tabs on the evolving nature of film funding in Nova Scotia, and the decimation and restructuring of the provincial film tax credit, and hope that the tide will eventually go from ebb to flow for homegrown productions.

“I have several friends who still live here and work here. Fried pork chops without flour Some unfortunately had to leave, but some stayed, and we have a number of friends who are producers and directors here,” says Mason, whose resume includes the Halifax-shot comedy A Bug and a Bag of Weed.

“We would love to come back and shoot here, I have great fondness for Nova Scotia, and my career really started here. Smothered pork chops with buttermilk I really credit Ann MacKenzie and Film Nova Scotia with helping me and my business partners get our first film off the ground. Baked pork chops in sauce Without them, we never would have done it. Simple pork chops What happened there is really sad, and I hope that it will work itself out.”

Devour! The Food Film Fest kicks off Wednesday with a variety of events at Wolfville-area dining establishments and wineries, plus an opening gala reception and haute cuisine at Acadia University. Juicy pan fried pork chops Screenings take place at the Al Whittle Theatre, and passes are available through the festival’s online box office and via outlets or by phone at 1-888-311-9090.