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As we come to the end of 2016, many of us start to look back – and reflect. Fudgy brownie recipe The year has been defining – even redefining – in many ways. Simple brownie recipe Politics, technology and culture have all seen major leaps and in some cases, hurdles.

Homemade brownie recipe In public health, it’s been a big year for sugar.

Global recognition is building for the very real health concerns posed by large and increasing quantities of hidden sugar in our diets. Healthy brownie recipe This near-ubiquitous additive found in products from pasta sauces to mayonnaise has been in the headlines and in our discussions. Vegan brownie recipe The seemingly innocuous sweet treat raises eyebrows from community groups to policy makers – and change is in the air.

• The global obesity epidemic continued to build while more than two-in-three Australian adults faced overweight or obesity – and almost one in four of our children.

• Science around sugary drinks further solidified, with consumption now linked to obesity, childhood obesity, heart disease, diabetes (type-2), dental caries and even lower fertility.

• Australians were estimated to consume a staggering 76 litres of sugary drinks each since January alone, and new reports highlighted that as much as 15 per cent of the crippling health costs associated with obesity could result from sugary drinks consumption.

• Meanwhile around the planet, more countries took sound policy measures to reduce sugar consumption in their citizens. Brownie recipe from scratch France, Belgium, Hungary, Finland, Chile, the UK, Ireland, South Africa and many parts of the United States implemented, continued or planned the implementation of pricing policies for sugary drinks.

In short, the over-consumption of sugar is now well recognised as a public health challenge everywhere. Easy chocolate brownie recipe With all this in mind and a New Year ahead, it’s time to put big words into local action. Eggless brownie recipe With resolutions brewing, here are seven helpful tips to breaking up with sugar in 2017. Brownie recipe with cocoa powder 1. Brownie cookie recipe Understand sugar

When it comes to sugar, things can get pretty confusing. Peanut butter brownie recipe Below, I shed some light on the common misunderstandings, but let’s recheck sugar itself – in simplest terms.

Sugar is a type of refined carbohydrate and a source of calories in our diet. Chocolate fudge brownie recipe Our body uses sugar and other sources of calories as energy, and any sugar that is not used is eventually stored as fat in our liver or on our bellies.

“Free sugars” are those added to products or concentrated in the products – either by us or by the manufacturer. Brownie recipe easy They don’t include sugars in whole fruits and vegetables, but more on that later. Best chocolate brownie recipe For a range of health reasons, the World Health Organization recommends we get just 5 per cent of our daily calories from free sugars. Moist brownie recipe For a fully grown man or woman, this equates to a recommended limit to sugar consumption of roughly 25 grams – or 6 teaspoons. Brownie cake recipe For women, it’s a little less again.

With 16 teaspoons of sugar in a single bottle serving – that’s more than 64 grams – there’s nothing “soft” about soft drinks. Cheesecake brownie recipe Including all carbonated drinks, flavoured milks and energy drinks with any added sugars, as well as fruit drinks and juices, sugary drinks are a great place to focus your efforts for a healthier 2017. Simple chocolate brownie recipe Sugary drinks provide no nutritional value to our diets and yet are a major source of calories.

What’s more concerning, evidence suggests that when we drink calories in the form of sugary drinks, our brains don’t recognise these calories in the same way as with foods. Blonde brownie recipe They don’t make us feel “full” and could even make us hungrier – so we end up eating (and drinking) more. Quick brownie recipe In this way, liquid calories can be seen as even more troubling than other forms of junk foods. Brownie recipe cocoa powder Combine this with studies that suggest the pleasure (and sugar spike) provided by sugary drinks may make them hard to give up – and it’s not difficult to see why many of us are drinking higher amounts, more often and in larger servings. Chocolate chip brownie recipe This also makes cutting down harder.

The outcome is that anything up to one-seventh of the entire public cost of obesity in Australia could now result from sugary drinks. Walnut brownie recipe In other words, cut out the sugary drinks and you’ll be doing your own health a favour – and the health of our federal and state budgets. Chocolate brownie recipe easy 3. Best brownie recipe ever Eat fruit, not juice

When it’s wrapped in a peel or a skin, fruit sugars are not a challenge to our health. Cocoa brownie recipe In fact, the sugars in fruit are nature’s way of encouraging us to eat the fruit to begin with. The best brownie recipe Fruits like oranges, apples and pears contain important fibres. Caramel brownie recipe The “roughage” in our foods, this fibre is healthy in many ways but there are three in particular I will focus on. White chocolate brownie recipe First, it slows our eating down; it is easy to drink a glass of juice squeezed from 7 apples, but much harder to eat those seven pieces whole. Brownie recipe with cocoa Second, it makes us feel full or satiated. Blondie brownie recipe And third, it slows the release of the sugars contained in fruit into our blood streams, thus allowing our bodies to react and use the energy appropriately, reducing our chances of weight gain and possibly even diabetes.

Juice, on the other hand, involves the removal of most of those fibres and even the loss of some of the important vitamins. Cream cheese brownie recipe What we don’t lose though, is the 21 grams or more than five teaspoons of sugar in each glass.

There are many alternative names for sugar – instead of the ‘s’ word itself. Ultimate brownie recipe Be on the lookout for evaporated cane juice, golden syrup, malt syrup, sucrose, fruit juice concentrate, dextrose and more… 5. Brownie bites recipe Eat whole foods where possible

Tomato sauce, mayonnaise, salad dressings, gravies, taco sauces, savoury biscuits and breakfast cereals – these are just some of the many foods now often packed with hidden, added sugars.

A study found that 74 per cent of packaged foods in an average American supermarket contain added sugars – and there is little evidence to suggest Australia would be dramatically different. Brownie recipe without cocoa powder Added to food to make it more enjoyable, and moreish, the next tip when avoiding such a ubiquitous additive is to eat whole foods.

It’s hard to hide sugar in plain flour, or a tomato, or frozen peas. Best fudgy brownie recipe Buying and cooking with mostly whole foods – not products – is a great way to ensure you and your family are not consuming added sugars unaware. Easy fudge brownie recipe 6. Brownie recipe with butter See beyond (un)healthy claims

Even products that are full of sugar, like breakfast cereals and energy bars, often carry claims that aim to confuse and seduce us into purchase. Good brownie recipe Be wary – and be sure to turn the package over and read the ingredients and nutrition labelling where possible (and if time permits).

I, like many people am partial to a slice (or two) of a spectacular celebration cake, gooey brownie or molten fruity pudding. Best brownie recipe in the world Does this necessarily mean that my delicacy is laden with refined sugar? It most certainly does not. Perfect brownie recipe 7. Delicious brownie recipe Be okay with sometimes

The final but crucial message in all of this is that eating or drinking sugar is not a sin. Dark chocolate brownie recipe Sugar is still a part of our lives and something to enjoy in moderation. Best homemade brownie recipe The occasional piece of cake, or late night chocolate – despite the popular narrative painted by industry to undermine efforts for true pricing on sugar – these occasional sweet treats are not the driving challenge for obesity. Amazing brownie recipe The problem is that sugary drinks, and sugar in our foods, have become every day occurrences.

With this in mind, let’s not demonise sugar but instead let’s see it for what it is. Classic brownie recipe Enjoy some juice or bubbles from time to time but make water the default on an everyday basis. Mint brownie recipe With the average can of cola containing 39 grams or 9 teaspoons of sugar, be OK with sometimes. Easy brownie recipe from scratch Bitter truth

Let’s be honest, most countries now face serious health challenges from obesity. Moist chocolate brownie recipe Even more concerning, so do our kids. Milk chocolate brownie recipe While no single mission will be the panacea to a complex problem, using 2017 to set a new healthy goal in regards to sugar would be a great start.

Alessandro R Demaio, Global Health Doctor; Co-Founded NCDFREE & festival21; Assoc. Easy brownie recipe with cocoa powder Researcher, University of Copenhagen. This article was originally published on The Conversation. Cocoa powder brownie recipe Read the original article. Brownie recipe without chocolate Lead image by Paul via Flickr.