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Everyone gets sick of cooking weeknight dinners. Homemade tomato pasta sauce with fresh tomatoes No matter how skilled you are in the kitchen, everyone tires of the daily grind, from that mom with the great hair who serves nightly from-scratch meals to that tattooed guy who always shops at the farmers’ market. Healthy homemade pasta sauce Eating well is often just another task on a huge to-do list, an obstacle between work, extracurriculars and your latest binge-watching on Netflix.

That’s true even for me, Emma, and I know my way around a kitchen.

Homemade mushroom sauce for pasta I come from a family that’s been obsessed with food for at least four generations and I co-authored a family cookbook. Quick homemade pasta sauce I also have the best resource at my fingertips: When I’m really stuck, I can ask for help from my mother, Lucy, a cooking teacher, food writer, cookbook author and true foodie.

I grew up in the midst of a cooking school, which meant that for a few Thursdays every year – desserts class day, when our fridge was piled high with leftover chocolate mousse and crème brûlée – I was the most popular girl in school.

In those days, my mother taught in the kitchen of our midtown Toronto home. Homemade tomato pasta sauce recipe When she started in 1973, she mostly taught French basics, but as the school (and the city’s palates) matured, the courses diversified, covering barbecue, Chinese cooking and lots more.

My mother trained at Le Cordon Bleu in London, but her fascination with food started years earlier at her grandmother Sophie Geneen’s kosher restaurant in Glasgow, Scotland. Homemade pasta sauce simple Sophie was a legendary cook, and Geneen’s Hotel was a second home for the local Jewish community. White sauce recipe for pasta easy Decades later, my grandmother Pearl Geneen taught cooking in her new home, Toronto, where she opened the Compleat Kitchen store in the city’s Yorkville neighbourhood.

The idea that food is love and that love is expressed through food is even more intense when food is not just a hobby but a multigenerational occupation.

My mother has been part of the growing interest in food that has elevated home cooking. Homemade pasta sauce from canned tomatoes But the pendulum has swung so far that many of us just feel stressed when it comes to cooking dinner after a long workday. Homemade pasta sauce giada There is a lot of pressure to constantly come up with meals containing superfoods and micronutrients and with plating charming enough to make the homepage of Pinterest. Homemade tomato pasta sauce fresh tomatoes The reality is often a lot closer to the contents of a Kraft Dinner box tossed with frozen peas. Homemade tomato sauce pasta Guilt rivals cheese as the most common ingredient in many home-cooked meals.

As of today, my secret resource will also be yours. Best homemade pasta sauce from scratch In this new column, I will challenge my mother to suggest some solutions to a common cooking problem. Easy homemade spaghetti sauce for canning We’ll have ideas for everyone – from family cooks to singles to emptynesters – who wants to add speed, spice and knowledge to their kitchen experiences.

As a start, I’m often caught at 6 p.m. Homemade pasta sauce with olive oil with very little consumable food in my kitchen, no time to defrost that piece of chicken hiding in the freezer and no idea what to make. Homemade white pasta sauce from scratch So the first challenge is to make something from nothing on those days that you meant to get to the grocery store but never quite made it there.

Since we all know that the saying “a watched pot never boils” is consistently true, this recipe for Pasta with Tangy Tomato Sauce is an innovative way to cook pasta starting in cold water. Rose sauce for pasta recipe It cuts the cooking time down and leaves some starchy goodness to add to a quick tomato sauce.

To launch our new column, we’ll be doing a Facebook Live event at noon on Wednesday, at Tomato pasta sauce with bacon We’ll be taking audience questions, so let us know your challenges there or any time on Twitter at @lucywaverman and @emmawaverman. Sauce for pasta and meatballs Maybe we can help solve them – or at least commiserate.

When I told my mom this week’s challenge, she of course thought that perhaps I should have planned better (easy for her to say). Homemade red sauce for pasta Here’s what to keep on hand so that you can still make a good meal when you haven’t made a grocery run in a while. Homemade pasta sauces from scratch Emma Waverman

Lucy: I use fish sauce in everything: to enhance soup, rub on a steak or throw into a pot of beans. Homemade spaghetti sauce made from scratch It is a salt replacer with much more flavour.

Emma: Use fish sauce in fried rice, chili, meat sauce, meatloaf. Homemade garlic sauce for pasta It gives an umami kick, like a more powerful Worcestershire sauce. Homemade fresh tomato pasta sauce recipe I should probably try it in a Caesar.

Lucy: I use mayonnaise for all kinds of cooking – it makes a good marinade or the basis of a creamy salad dressing. Making a sauce for pasta But always and only Hellman’s, as Miracle Whip reminds me of the tasteless, sweet boiled dressing that was popular decades ago. Easy homemade spaghetti meat sauce recipe Miracle Whip has outlived its usefulness.

Lucy: Not everyone can make stock and some good substitutes are available. Recipe for homemade spaghetti sauce from scratch My current favourite is a paste called Better Than Bouillon, which has minimal salt. Making pasta sauce from scratch The first ingredient is chicken and it tastes like the real thing.