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Seniors especially are hearing this from their doctors during routine checkups or when they are visiting their physician for a new health problem.

The problem is that while these instructions are well intentioned, they are rarely accompanied by any specific information about how these goals are to be accomplished.

Senior Source, with the help of Dr. Easy homemade chicken fingers John Torres, has come up with some suggestions on how all of us can improve on meeting these targets in our diet. Oven baked chicken fingers recipe The goal is to eat foods that provide leaner body mass, help repair cells and help you work towards a healthy immune system.

Doctors will often tell patients that they need to drink eight- 8 ounce glass of water a day. Cooking chicken fingers Many people will look at that as a nearly impossible goal. How to fry chicken fingers But water is vital and we should be drinking it throughout the day, not only at meal time but between meals as well. How to make chicken fingers in the oven Dr. Homemade chicken fingers deep fried John recommends that you always have a glass or bottle of water handy and take sips or long drinks as often as possible. Pictures of chicken fingers Dr. Healthy homemade chicken fingers John also says the good news is, a proper diet of fruits and vegetables is also providing a lot of your daily moisture intake, so if you can’t get the 8 glasses of water down in a day, you’ll be getting a lot of what you need in your diet.

Huge protein substitutes can be found in hard boiled eggs and peanut butter on whole wheat toast. Chicken fingers recept You can also try warm oatmeal with berries, whole grain pancakes and berries or of course yogurt and fruit. Chicken fingers rezept These are all meals that provide significantly more protein and energy than the traditional bowl of cereal or meals of toast and jam or English muffins. Chicken fingers ingredients White bread meals or sandwiches and many cereals actually provide very little nutritional value and don’t stick with you through the morning.

The goal again is to avoid the high fat and heavy salt content of the usual soup and sandwich and go for the power provided by protein. 4 fingers chicken recipe Try a salad with chicken strips and lots of beans or other vegetables like carrots or fruits like oranges and apples.

For variety, you can substitute a skillet meal of scrambled eggs and red potatoes. Are chicken fingers healthy Just chop up the potatoes into a skillet, and cover and cook them for two or three minutes over a medium heat. Chicken strips recipe healthy Then, stir in a portion of scrambled eggs, season to taste and remove from the stove after the eggs have warmed. Baked chicken strips no breading You can add salsa or just pepper or any other seasonings or condiments you like to eat with eggs.

You can also eat the red potatoes with left over steak or chicken from the night before, or, try an omelet with cheese chunks and sliced avocado’s or tomatoes and pieces of ham.

The key is to find protein in a variety of great foods that are also low cost and easy to prepare. Baked chicken tenders no breadcrumbs There’s nothing wrong with high protein leftovers that can always be repurposed with another simple item for lunch.

For dinner, go for the big time protein offerings. Homemade chicken fingers panko Chicken, beef, pork and fish. How to make chicken tenders crispy Dr. How to make chicken strips at home John says you can even incorporate those rotisserie chicken into your meal plan, as long as you remove the skin. Recipe for baked chicken fingers Just combine them with healthy sides of fresh fruits and vegetables and in practically no time, with proper portion control and the willpower to stick to it, you’ll begin to notice a change in your energy levels and your waistline.

You can also make a meal of some casseroles that are packed with protein. Dipping sauces for chicken fingers We’re providing a recipe below for a beef and bean casserole that is both delicious and very good for you.

One other tip, eat your protein offering on your plate first. Crunchy chicken fingers recipe That way, you’ll be getting the fuel your body needs first before you fill up on everything else on you plate.