The best and worst shows you can stream online right now

Elliot Alderson is a hacker with anti-social tendencies, a drug problem, and a niggling desire to maybe save the world at some stage. Recipes for pork chops in the oven One day, all his daydreams coalesce when he gets involved in an act of cybertheft against E Corp, a multinational corporation that purports to be a combination of Apple, Microsoft, and Google.

The group that performs the hack is called FSociety, and their leader is the homeless-looking Mr. Recipes for baked pork chops in the oven Robot (Christian Slater). Grilled pork chops boneless Think Fight Club, A Beautiful Mind, and Blackhat rolled into an episodic narrative, and you’ve got the basics of this show figured out.

Mr. Recipes for pork chops in crock pot Robot works really hard to be authentic in its portrayal of technology and hacking, but there are little things that will annoy folks who are intimately familiar with the subject matter.

How do you make pork chops The hackers seem to inexplicably refer to their computers as their “CPUs,” and Elliot’s desktop has an LPT1 port that connects to not-a-printer. 3 ingredient crock pot pork chops In a bizarre choice, the episode titles are all written out like filenames. Recipes for bone in pork chops (Episode 1 is entitled “”, which is initially cute, but gets a little silly when you start seeing FLVs and QTs amongst the other titles.)

Still, the show is well-produced and the lead actor is very memorable, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you’ve got enough time to catch up before it returns in June. Baked barbecue pork chops With all the Comelec-related hacking going on this past month, Mr. Crock pot pork chops and stuffing Robot’s particular brand of Internet paranoia has never felt more potent.

Daredevil was a revelation when Netflix released its first season in 2015. Baked pork chops pioneer woman Among its many highlights, it featured the most compelling supervillain origin story ever committed to the screen, introducing the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most memorable antagonist since Loki. Stuffed pork chops in the crockpot To say that the second season had high expectations levied against it would be understating the situation quite a bit, particularly with the Kingpin seemingly out of the picture. Crock pot pork chops easy (READ: Interview: Who is ‘Daredevil’ star Charlie Cox?)

There’s a lot to like about this new season: former Walking Dead star Jon Bernthal is an imposing presence as the Punisher (although I personally still prefer Ray Stevenson’s version of the character), and Elodie Yung’s Elektra was simply inspired casting.

Even better: the supporting characters that we all know and love have a lot more freedom to breathe in this season, and we are treated to some great Foggy Nelson scenes that were a long time coming.

The back-breaking fight choreography that Daredevil became known for is just as kinetic as in the first season, if not more so. How do i cook pork chops Amongst many highlights: check out the jaw-dropping sequel to the infamous one-take hallway fight of season 1 that turns into a lengthy stairwell brawl (an obvious homage to Ip Man 3).

As a rumination on loneliness and self-loathing, BoJack Horseman is probably one of the finest written shows on television. How do u make pork chops It disguises itself as an oddball cartoon with talking animals, which makes it both a hard sell to some adult viewers but makes it all the more surprising for the emotional wallop it can deliver.

Will Arnett ( Arrested Development) stars as the eponymous lead, BoJack, an alcoholic, has-been star of a popular 80’s sitcom who has spent the last 20 years trading on his early success. Deep fried pork chops As implied by the title, he’s a horse.

BoJack shares his Hollywood mansion with his freeloading housemate Todd (Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad, playing one of the few humans on the show), is represented by his sometimes-girlfriend/agent Princess Carolyn (Amy Sedaris, a cat), and constantly finds himself at odds with a rival sitcom star, Mr. How to cook pan fried pork chops Peanutbutter (Paul F. Marinade for pork chops Tompkins, a dog). Fast easy pork chops And his long-overdue autobiography is being published by Penguin Books … which is naturally run by penguins.

If that sounds ridiculous, that’s because it is, mostly. How to do pork chops in the oven But the bizarro-world approach enables both a piercing satire of Hollywood, and a poignant dissection of personal failure. Crock pot pork chops Its sophomore effort is a masterpiece of writing, and its acerbic, gut-punch season-ender made me want to simultaneously curl up into an emo-ball, and jump up and high-five everyone involved in the show.