The grownup pizza burger and the south side cuban

It was the kind of Franken-snack junk food speedball born only from the mind of an 11-year-old: a burnt-to-all-hell hamburger patty with the consistency of a steel wool pad stuffed between two pizza bagels.

I can’t remember exactly if the genesis of this self-discovery was at a skating birthday party, the Mt. Sauce spaghetti mijoteuse ricardo Lebanon pool snackbar or the junior high lunchroom, but, it was pizza … and hamburgers. Spaghetti sauce on pizza Together. Traditional italian spaghetti sauce Mind blown.

Sauce spaghetti simple Pre-adolescent nirvana achieved. Homeade spaghetti sauce And it was the first time I remember thinking that a hamburger could be more interesting than those of the family cookout or McDonald’s variety.

Of course I would learn that pizza burgers (and their close cousins, the pizza cheesesteak) are slice shop and hoagie staples, typically a patty with marinara sauce and provolone and some combination of pepperoni, mushrooms and pepperocini all slopped onto a bun.

But I’m older, and my tastes are (allegedly) more refined, and so are my pizzas. Homemade spaghetti sauce from canned tomatoes One of the best I’ve had in recent years comes from Cucina Bella in Bridgeville — the “Joe T,” topped with fresh mozzarella, Gorgonzola, local figs, prosciutto and basil. The best spaghetti sauce recipe from scratch This “grown-up” pizza burger is based on that but with a few tweaks.

For instance, figs can be hard to come by when not in season (early summer to fall), so instead I use an organic Adriatic fig spread ($6.99 at Whole Foods) across a toasted ciabatta bun. Recipe for spaghetti with meat sauce As it is Italian bacon, pancetta fries up better than prosciutto, so we’ll sub that. Spaghetti sauce list I drop the mozzarella so as not to dilute the bite of the melted Gorgonzola. Spaghetti sauce italian sausage And rather than using a sprig of basil, the burger sits on a bed of arugula for some peppery greens. How to make a homemade spaghetti sauce No major preference on the meat here. Ground beef spaghetti sauce If you like 85/15, use that, likewise for grass-fed or even bison.

A few years back I won a gorgeous and gleaming Weber Genesis grill at a charity event (with matching tool set!), so while I understand the charm/fun/caveman instinct of cooking over charcoal, this baby is a propane Maserati.

Fry the pancetta ahead of time. Homemade spaghetti sauce pressure cooker Season the beef to taste with salt and pepper and form your patty. Spaghetti sauce too salty Cook to desired doneness — but one flip only! If desired, melt the Gorg on the patty and toast your bun for the last few minutes. Spaghetti sauce herbs Dress with the pancetta, arugula and smear fig spread on the bun to create a sweet, savory, sharp and bitter palate palette, all on the same burger. Homemade spaghetti sauce from fresh tomatoes Pair with a glass of sangiovese as juicy as the meat. Sauce spaghetti recipe Magnifico!

Offering No. Best spaghetti sauce from scratch 2 is an homage to my friend Juan, a Cuban-expat by way of Miami who has made Pittsburgh a part-time home over the past decade, when he’s not also gallivanting between Hong Kong and London. Spaghetti sauce recipe fresh tomatoes Juan annually throws a fantastic Cuban pig roast at his South Side townhouse, cooking a massive swine all afternoon in a La Caja China cooker that he slathers in a Cuban “mojo” sauce — a simple mix of garlic, lime juice, olive oil and onions — when it’s done, and it’s perfect.

So let’s call it “El Cubano del Lado Sur” (the South Side Cuban) and spice up the patties by blending half ground beef and half ground chorizo and seasoning lightly with salt and pepper, garlic salt, paprika and cumin.

Cook as desired, and baste with mojo sauce when its done. Italian spaghetti sauce recipe Top it with Swiss or Jarlsberg cheese and a slice or two of Serrano ham and bread-and-butter pickle chips and serve on toasted bread (I picked sourdough because I like it, and real Cuban rolls aren’t exactly ubiquitous here) also basted with mojo sauce. Delicious spaghetti sauce recipe Mustard strongly suggested but not required.

Preheat grill to 450 degrees Grill patties to desired doneness — one flip only. Slow cooker spaghetti sauce recipe If desired, melt Gorgonzola on patties and toast bun on grill.

Prepare mojo sauce: Mash the garlic and mix with salt, add lime juice and onion slices. Making a spaghetti sauce Put mixture in a heat-proof receptacle that’s big enough to hold the olive oil.

Heat the olive oil in a separate pot until very hot (you can start to smell it cooking). Season spaghetti sauce Take it off the stove and while still very hot, slowly add to garlic/lime juice/onion mix. No sugar spaghetti sauce recipe Stand back, as it will spatter a lot. How to use spaghetti sauce Set aside.

Preheat grill to 450 degrees Grill patties to desired doneness — one flip only. Homemade spaghetti sauce from scratch While cooking, baste patties with mojo sauce. If desired, melt cheese on patties and toast bread slices on grill.