The little kitchen review_ bewildered on leeson street

That will teach me to try and wrangle a six-year-old into finishing his broccoli before leaving home. How to make chicken fingers in the oven The brassica has bitten back. Homemade chicken fingers deep fried Broccoli is like sunshine in my book.

Pictures of chicken fingers You can never have too much of it. Healthy homemade chicken fingers But I’m struggling to finish a small forest of the stuff. Chicken fingers recept The batter on these butty florets is more of a speckled crunch than a light crispy coat. Chicken fingers rezept I need long stems cooked with a bit more finesse to eat this much broccoli in one sitting.

We’re in The Little Kitchen on a quiet stretch of Dublin’s Leeson Street. Chicken fingers ingredients It’s an offshoot of The Vintage Kitchen, which opened in the dark back-street setting of Poolbeg Street three years ago, offering the happy combination of house-cooked food and a bring-your- own wine and vinyl. 4 fingers chicken recipe Seats have rarely been empty since.

I loved the Vintage Kitchen and I’m expecting to love its little sister. Are chicken fingers healthy Instead I’m left a bit bewildered by it. Chicken strips recipe healthy First up is the booking mystery. Baked chicken strips no breading I ask for 8pm but they don’t have a table until 8.30pm. Baked chicken tenders no breadcrumbs Darn the pesky old internet, I think, this place has already been well and truly discovered. Homemade chicken fingers panko But no. How to make chicken tenders crispy It’s empty when I arrive.

As the night goes on we remain its only customers apart from a group of men I’m guessing are on a business meeting in a nearby hotel. How to make chicken strips at home At the end of the night they discuss the misogyny of Bond films, to the delight of my friend, who compliments their feminist sensibilities.

So everyone here is nice, the customers and the staff. Recipe for baked chicken fingers But our table is wobblier than a coalition pact and the music is objectionable: heavy metal pumping at us from a tinny speaker over our heads. Dipping sauces for chicken fingers “Hate to be a Grady old lady,” Anne says. Crunchy chicken fingers recipe “But could you change the music?” They do. Restaurant style chicken fingers Phew. Baked breaded chicken fingers There’s good bread and a mustardy mayonnaise so it’s going to get better right?

At the start it does. Breaded chicken fingers baked It’s two courses for €30. Buttermilk fried chicken fingers That’s not exactly a steal. Chicken fingers recipe oven The sweetener is they don’t charge corkage on your own wine if you order two courses.

They’ve got a quite a lot in the way of serving equipment that isn’t of the plate variety. How to make chicken fingers like restaurants There’s a lidded pot for the chowder, a great creamy bowl of yellow soup with generous chunks of Donegal smoked haddock, chunks of chorizo finished with crunchy green strands of samphire. How do you make chicken fingers The chowder is good enough to not need the chorizo. Recipes with chicken fingers My gratin of organic goats cheese comes on a board in a frying pan. How to make baked chicken fingers There’s a mix of beets, and slippery shards of sweet pearl onions, on top of which sits a fluffy quennelle of good goats cheese with two lacey parmesan crisps balanced on either side. Side dishes for chicken fingers The vegetables taste of vinegar and sugar, like a pre-chutney, rather than their own more subtle flavours.

The dish of the night is a long rectangular plate of Slaney river slow roasted lamb shank. What to make with chicken fingers Luscious sweet meat falls off the bone once it’s freed from its sticky outer layer of caramelised loveliness. Four fingers chicken recipe A celeriac and garlic puree is a little too Cow and Gate smooth but tastes fine.

My “francese of broccoli” (No, me neither. How to cook chicken fingers in the oven Perhaps a nod to chicken francese?) comes on another wooden board, two frying pans this time one piled high with broccoli, the other with chunks of sweet potato in a creamy sauce topped with a roasted tomato. Homemade deep fried chicken fingers There’s a yellow pot of wasabi mayonnaise, which adds to the sense of collection of side dishes rather than a coherent vegetarian main.

We finish with a half-baked chocolate cake, so volcanically hot that the ice cream on top bubbles and starts to cook before cooling to a gluey finish. What goes with chicken fingers A trip to the loo involves stepping past a bin bag slumped against the door jamb.

It’s possible The Little Kitchen was having a bad day. Chicken fingers homemade It’s a kitchen that knows how to cook good ingredients well. Are chicken fingers bad for you But this isn’t Poolbeg Street and this offshoot doesn’t feel as ground- breaking as The Vintage Kitchen. Chicken fingers recipe indian The former Rigby’s a few doors down from here is being transformed into an offshoot of Forest Avenue so competition for casual dining cash will be keen. Jack astor’s chicken fingers recipe The Little Kitchen will need to grow up fast to thrive.