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It’s not about making grand, sweeping resolutions that you probably stick to for a week and then ditch. Avocado and boiled egg It’s about making small adjustments to your everyday life, that will actually make a huge impact on your day to day if you choose to continue them. Egg in avocado hole recipe Think of the month of January as a reset, and balance your year from right now.

Jan 2: Try substituting your usual jam or Nutella spreads for pure avocado. Baked avocado egg bowl Spread on wholegrain sourdour toast, sprinkle with sea salt and pepper and add a squeeze of lemon.

Jan 10: Start the day with a healthy breakfast. Avocado and egg bake A combination of protein with carbs is an excellent way to stay full and give you sustained energy. Avocado and egg nutrition Try poached eggs on wholegrain sourdough toast or peanut butter on wholegrain sourdough.

Jan 11: Make a green juice, with vegetables only. Toast with avocado and egg A good combination: cucumber, celery, ginger and baby spinach. Avocado and egg on toast Add kale if you dare. Baked avocado with egg If you don’t have a whiz bang blender, go and buy a vegetable juice first thing in the morning and save the coffee for after 10am.

Jan 12: Stop using vegetable oil or canola oil for cooking. Avocado and egg for diabetes Recent research points to these two being less healthy than olive oil or coconut oil and even butter and ghee.

Jan 13: Don’t eat any white foods today. Avocado and egg recipes That means rice, white bread and those sneaky milk bottles you get from the corner store. Avocado and scrambled egg In fact, why not try cutting them out for good? Substitute for the brown, wholefood versions.

Jan 14: Stop. Avocado egg tomato breakfast Drinking. Avocado egg recipe microwave Soft. How long to bake avocado and egg Drinks. Avocado and egg toast For good. Avocado egg roll recipes Today is the day they disappear from your life forever. Sandwich with avocado and egg They are one of the biggest reasons we are facing an obesity epidemic in this country and in other western countries.

Jan 15: Eat fresh food only today – nothing in a packet. Avocado egg nog Enjoy seasonal fruits like mangoes, cherries and stonefruit and give the biccie tin a miss.

Jan 16: Make your own salad dressing. Lean in 15 avocado and egg Extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt and pepper is all you need to make any combination of vegetables taste fantastic.

Jan 17: Avoid the middle aisles when you do your weekly supermarket shop. Egg and avocado breakfast recipes Supermarkets stock processed foods in the middle aisles while all the fresh stuff is on the outside edges of the stores. Avocado and egg diabetes Stick to the outside.

Jan 19: Do a fitness class today – choose one on the Bodypassnetwork and get to it before you change your mind. Baked avocado egg rolls Do one that fits your mood and your health status.

Jan 23: Speak to people. Avocado and baked egg That means, calling instead of texting, or dropping in to visit friends unexpectedly. Avocado and egg baked Let’s bring back being social! Offline!

Jan 25: Start reading a new book. Avocado and egg face mask Don’t have time? Buy an audio book on your phone and listen to it while you’re in the car, or better yet, while you’re exercising.

Jan 26: Australia Day! Cook a good quality steak/ chicken/ fish/ prawns on the barbie instead of sausages or other processed meats, and double the amount of salad.

Jan 30: Practice breathing. Breakfast with avocado and eggs That might make some of you laugh, but most adults don’t breathe correctly. Avocado and egg mask We breathe properly as children and then as we grow up, stress, anxiety, weight, inactivity, smoking and other bad habits can reduce the amount of oxygen taken in. Egg and avocado salad For two minutes today, sit or lie comfortably, and focus on your breath. Egg in avocado weight loss In for a count of four and out for a count of four is a good place to start. How to make baked avocado and egg Try and do this every day, and reconnect with your breath.

Jan 31: Let’s cut junk food today – and try and continue this for the next month (Feb is a short one, you can do it!). How to make avocado and egg No chocolate, chips, fried foods, fast foods, lollies, cakes, biscuits. Avocado and egg blood sugar Not one. Avocado and poached egg on toast Note how you feel at the end of today and imagine how you’ll feel in a month.