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OPINION: Are you getting away for a holiday this year? That’s the most common opening line of anyone coming onto the farm at the moment and it’s on most people’s minds leading up to Christmas.

I’ve just got back from a week across the ditch in Straya. How to make easy homemade spaghetti sauce We had family friends’ combined 50th and 21st so had a great time catching up in Toowoomba before spending some quality family time on the coast at Brunswick Heads near Byron Bay. Best jar spaghetti sauce 2015 After the constant rain of the Waikato spring it was a welcome contrast to have sunny 30 degree days and some stunning beaches in a beautiful part of the world.

I was lucky to get back here in one piece though, it seems that everything across the ditch is trying to kill you. Spaghetti sauce recipie A couple of days into the holiday, I felt a pain in my leg, I rolled up my shorts and there was a bloody tick attached! Suddenly I had visions of how some of our cows have dropped dead with theileria (a tick-borne disease) and I frantically scratched at the tick to remove it. Spaghetti sauce recipe for canning As I found out later, apparently that’s the worst thing you can do as it just encourages the tick to inject more toxin into the bite site!

Having removed it I started worrying about the possible diseases I might have picked up, so of course to get a quality robust medical opinion I turned on the computer and asked Dr Google.

All day spaghetti sauce recipe To my horror I read through the extensive list of human diseases caused by ticks. Awesome spaghetti sauce Probably the worst nightmare was the Alpha-gal disease, which after being bitten by a tick, causes the victim to develop an allergy to meat! My family and friends thought it was hilarious, that after my run-ins with SAFE and Farmwatch, I might have contracted a disease that would force me to be a vegan for the rest of my life. Spaghetti sauce ground turkey Personally I didn’t see the funny side…

Ticks weren’t the only threat in the Lucky Country. Spaghetti sauce brand names I went for a run one morning and ended up running through some bush. Sauce a spaghetti mijoteuse There were snakes everywhere – although they were lying very still trying to fool me by pretending to be sticks. Best pasta sauce for lasagna Running in 30-degree heat had me sweating like a bag of cats at a greyhound meet so I thought I’d go for a swim in the Brunswick River. Sauce spaghetti mijoteuse coup de pouce I asked one of the locals walking by if there were any crocodiles around that I should worry about.

“Nah mate, no crocs round ‘ere mate – the bull sharks have eaten ’em all mate!” He was sniggering as he walked away so I wasn’t sure if he was serious – but I didn’t see any bull sharks, just a couple of sting rays and some blue bottle jellyfish. Best meat sauce spaghetti recipe Fair dinkum.

During the night I was woken up by a loud thump on the roof, followed by scuttling scratching noises from one end of the house to the other. Sauce spaghetti bolognaise Next morning when I asked our hosts what that might be, he told me it was “just” the water dragons jumping out of the trees onto the roof of the house. Meat sauce for spaghetti Whaaat? We’ve got miniature dinosaurs the size of a small dog jumping onto the house and that’s normal? Strewth mate best we keep the windows closed…

We had lunch at a café in Mullumbimby where water dragons sun themselves on rocks right beside your table as you’re eating, so OK maybe they aren’t as ferocious as I had imagined. How to make spaghetti pasta sauce One of the items on the menu was “Jiminy Cricket meets Miss Piggy” – Slow grilled and glazed pork belly with cacao beans, rockmellons and roasted crickets. Spaghetti & meat sauce Hang on a minute, roasted crickets? I had read recently that to efficiently feed the world’s ever expanding population, we should be looking at insect protein instead of animal agriculture. Scratch spaghetti sauce So in the interests of checking out our competition I thought I’d better try some. Spaghetti sauce recipe del monte The pork belly was great. Good spaghetti sauce recipe The crickets? Well I managed to force one down – it tasted like tomato sauce, mainly because I had smothered it in tomato sauce. How to make spaghetti sauce with tomato soup The crunching legs texture didn’t do much for my enjoyment, neither did the legs and wings getting stuck between my teeth, and the water dragons got a good feed of leftover crickets from my plate that day. Homemade spaghetti sauce with meat But if it ever does catch on, I’ve got a future income stream, as there are plenty of big fat juicy crickets on our farm. How to make spaghetti sauce out of tomato paste I just have to work out how to round them up and push them up the loading ramp and onto the stock truck…

Wherever you are farming I hope you can get away for at least a few days of R&R and family time, especially the farmers around Kaikoura and North Canterbury.