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This year marks the 99 th anniversary of the invention of Marshmallow Fluff. Yamamori noodles menu The marshmallow-like spread was invented in Somerville by Archibald Query, a confectioner who concocted it in 1917 and began selling it door-to-door in his neighborhood. Noodles and company louisville co Since 2006, the city of Somerville has celebrated the invention of Marshmallow Fluff with an annual “Fluff Festival” hosted in Union Square.

The theme of this year’s festival, which took place on Sept. Restaurant noodles 24 and drew over 20 thousand visitors to Somerville, was “Fluff U: A Sweet Education.” The goal was to turn Union Square into “our very own sticky, sweet campus,” according to the festival’s website.

Esther Hanig is the executive director of Union Square Main Streets (USMS), a community development organization that works to enhance the economic viability of the area surrounding Union Square. Noodles menu with prices USMS has hosted the Fluff Festival since its inception, according to Hanig.

In keeping with this year’s theme, Hanig said the organizers of the event renamed some of the traditional aspects of the festival to fit in with “Fluff U.” Those who helped cook Fluff and other treats in the cooking contest were referred to as the “Department of Culinary Arts,” the area of the festival where storytelling took place was called the “Extension School” and the “Shenanigans Stage,” a fixture from past festivals that features comedy, was this year called the “Department of Shenanigans.”

Mike Katz, the Query impersonator who leads the festivities on the Shenanigans Stage, is fond of one festival game called Fluff Musical Chairs – musical chairs but with one chair covered in Fluff.

In addition to Fluff Musical Chairs, Katz described many different events and competitions that took place on the Shenanigans Stage. Noodles and friends Fluff Jousting requires participants to stand on a low balance beam and hit each other with pool noodles covered in Fluff. Noodles and company near me Additionally, during Fluff Hair Dos, participants use tubs full of Fluff and peanut butter to style each other’s hair.

Katz went on to explain more fluff-covered diversions: In Blind Man’s Fluff, one partner has to make a fluffernutter sandwich while blindfolded, and the other must eat it while singing a jingle from a 1950s Fluff commercial; d uring Fluff Lick-Offs, a volunteer holds a plate covered in Fluff must face the audience and lick the plate clean of marshmallow cream as fast as they can.

Finally, Hanig praised the Fluff c ooking contest, the winner of which is granted a tour of the modern Fluff factory in Lynn, MA. According to Hanig, this is the only tour that Durkee-Mower, the company that now owns Query’s invention, offers of its facility.

“Lots of the Union Square institutions were represented, and although I didn’t brave the line for Union Square Donuts, they had a fluffernutter donut that was apparently really great,” she told the Daily in an electronic message.

Katz, who has been impersonating Query at the festival since its inception, said he once taught theater as the assistant technical director at Tufts. Noodles and company nutrition data He has also taught at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Massachusetts Boston (UMass Boston).

Since retiring from his teaching post at UMass Boston in August, Katz said that he has been able to take on more responsibility at the festival. Noodles and more menu He added that his training in technical theater feeds directly into his work at the festival.

“We actually got in touch with Query ’s grandson,” Katz said. Noodles and company moorhead “And Archibald was a very quiet, shy man. Where do noodles originated from He was very calm and cool, and he always had candy in his pockets that he would give to the neighborhood kids for free.”

Katz described himself as loud and lively, quite the opposite of the man he impersonates. Noodles and company arvada Although he is unlike Query in appearance and demeanor, Katz said he seems to have become the face of the festival.

Hanig said that the festival showcases Somerville’s innovations and attracts more people to the Union Square neighborhood. Noodles and company vegan She described it as another example of the city’s economic and cultural growth over the last several decades, which she attributed to its mayor Joseph Curtatone as well as to its proximity to Harvard Square and Kendall Square.

She cited Curtatone’s efforts to improve the city’s public transportation and his response to the Black Lives Matter movement as evidence of his dedication to improving Somerville. Noodles company hours In July, Curtatone refused to take down a Black Lives Matter banner outside of City Hall despite the requests of the city’s police union, arguing that, “We can fight to protect minorities and still praise the hard work of law enforcement officials.”

She also emphasized the presence of organizations and projects in Somerville today that reflect Query’s spirit of invention. Noodles website These include the restaurant Juliet, which incorporates tips into its meal prices in order to ensure high wages for all the restaurant’s staff, and Greentown Labs, a space for clean technology hardware startups to meet and find solutions to global energy issues.

While some businesses complain that the festival makes parking scarce or slows down foot traffic by their stores, Hanig believes it has positive economic outcomes overall by calling attention to the square.

“It’s about us as a community saying, hey, there are some cool things that have gone on in Somerville and in Union Square, this is our chance to celebrate them,” he said.

“There were a lot of people here in the square, and everyone was smiling,” Katz said. Noodles in broth “I had people covered in Fluff, I mean, literally, covered in Fluff, and they had the biggest, goofiest grins on their faces and [were] just loving it. Noodles and company recipes And how often can you say that happens?”

With the ever-present threat of finals looming ominously over our heads, my roommate Ana and I decide to counteract the negativity by treating ourselves to a night out in Boston. Noodles house menu We began to scour the internet for fine-dining in the city and eventually settled on Sportello, an Italian restaurant located in the Fort Point district.

The restaurant is about a 20-minute car ride away or a straight shot on the Red Line to South Station, followed by a 10-minute walk. Noodles and company hiring The Boston skyline glimmers behind the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum. Noodles and company youngfield We admire the cityscape before entering Sportello, a modern and tiny eatery. Noodles and company menu vegan Sportello is Italian for “counter service,” and the restaurant appropriately features a gleaming white counter that snakes around the small restaurant and the open kitchen space. Noodles and company apex The rest of the seating consists of small white tables. Restaurante noodles The space is very minute, yet the white décor gives it the feeling of openness. Where is noodles from The restaurant is owned by Barbara Lynch, the famous Boston restaurateur responsible for Menton and B&G Oysters. Noodles and company interview questions Due to the quality of the food and the famous name associated with the restaurant, the prices are admittedly high, with pastas ranging from $26 to $29. Noodles and company online order Despite the high cost, the space feels extremely relaxed and unpretentious.

The only reservation we can get is for six p.m. Healthy options at noodles and company and because of the early hour, there are few people in the restaurant. Chicago noodles The waitress is friendly and provides detailed descriptions of the various pastas. Noodles and company newport news We start with the P ane Italiano ($6), and Ana chooses the Potato Gnocchi ($29) while I get the Bigoli pasta ($26).

The pane comes with three different breads, each fresher than the last. Noodles and company eclub Due to the emptiness of the restaurant, our food comes within minutes. Menu noodles Ana’s gnocchi includes lobster, mushroom ragu and peas. Noodles and company medford Ana says that the dish wasn’t too fishy and provided the perfect balance of flavors. Noodles and company lake mary She appreciated that the plate was creamy but not overly rich. Noodles and company glenview My Bigoli pasta includes fresh and dried peppers, pecorino and garlic. Noodles and company menu with prices The spaghetti-like noodles sit in a cheese sauce that has the perfect balance of sweet and spicy peppers. Noodles and company The dish packs intense flavor without being overpoweringly fiery. Noodles and company kenwood We both felt that the entrees were the ideal portion sizes. King of noodles menu We were left satisfied but did not experience the unwelcome feeling of fullness.

The menu boasts that the pastas are made fresh in-store daily, and this really shows in the quality of the food. Noodles and company austin There are other options such as meat and fish entrees and soups and salads; however, I feel that the appeal of Sportello is its pasta dishes. Noodles and company gift card Though it was not a cheap meal, it was rich in flavor and quality. Noodles and company havana Sportello is a good option for a date night or a way to splurge when you want superior Italian food.

On Super Bowl Sunday, fans of “The Good Wife” (2009-present) were greeted with some bad news: the critically acclaimed CBS drama, a TV spot declared, would be airing its final episode this spring. Noodles and company chapel hill Though announcing a series finale by way of Super Bowl commercial is highly unusual, the decision to end “The Good Wife” was less unexpected. Noodles and company high street In January, series creators Robert and Michelle King told TVLine that they would not return as showrunners if CBS were to renew the drama for an eighth season, and the show’s star, Julianna Margulies, joked at a Hollywood event that she would be out of a job come April. Noodles and company vancouver wa So while the end of “The Good Wife” might not have been a surprise, it certainly is a shame. Noodles pho u menu When the show signs off this May, network TV will lose its best drama — as well as its role as a relevant producer of high-quality television programming.

All this, however, is of no importance to “ The Good Wife” cast and crew. Noodles and company jacksonville fl In its seventh and now final season, the drama continues to produce the kind of well-crafted episodes that made it a favorite among critics and Emmy voters alike. Noodles and company tempe Margulies still delivers meticulous, complex and occasionally show-stopping performances as Alicia Florrick, while the cases of the week remain as inventive and intricate as ever. Noodles and company annapolis There are scenes of shady Chicago politicians engaged in less-than-honorable behavior, and of course everyone’s favorite top-tier law firm has once again been renamed (this season rechristened Lockhart, Agos and Lee).

“The Good Wife” has also always been known for giving its exceptional guest stars meaty parts ( Carrie Preston’s Elsbeth Tascioni, anyone?) and this season has been no different, with its first half in particular seeing an influx of new faces. Noodles & company menu prices The ever magnificent Margo Martindale popped up for a delicious role as campaign manager Ruth Eastman, a formidable opponent for Eli Gold (Alan Cumming) as they vied for the attentions of their boss, Governor Peter Florrick (Chris Noth). Noodles and company fair lakes Christopher McDonald starred as a corrupt judge with a grudge against Alicia, and Mo Rocca had a delightful bit part as a stunningly incompetent reporter. Noodles and company interview Tufts alumnus Peter Gallagher (LA ‘77) even showed up to play the right-hand man of a very rich and very Republican Lockhart, Agos and Lee client.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Jason Crouse, meanwhile, has nicely filled the investigator-sized shoes left by Kalinda Sharma (Archie Panjabi), who exited the show last season. Noodles of the world menu He’s an enigma with a mysterious past, but he’s one handsome, charming enigma. Noodles and company northville His good looks and easy-going manner are not lost on Alicia, and though it’s not likely the two will have a fairy tale romance (love is complicated for Mrs. Noodles and company 95th Florrick), that doesn’t mean they can’t share a few steamy elevator make-out scenes. Noodles restaurant recipes Whether Jason and Alicia have any real chemistry, however, is hard to determine — Morgan’s character seems to share sexual tension with everyone he interacts with, regardless of gender. Noodles & company locations He could probably flirt with a blank piece of paper and still make the whole endeavor sexy.

The role of Lucca Quinn (Cush Jumbo) has probably been the most meaningful and important addition to “ The Good Wife.” Alicia has been essentially friendless since her relationship with Kalinda crumbled early in the show’s run, and with the broken friendship went one of the best relationships on the show. Noodles and company jordan creek Brassy young lawyer Lucca, however, has slowly become Alicia’s friend and ally, breathing a breath of feminist air into the legal drama. Noodles and company chanhassen It doesn’t hurt that Jumbo is an extraordinarily talented actress, whose dynamic presence on screen is particularly engaging to watch.

Star of “The Good Wife” Julianna Margulies wins the award for outstanding performance by a female actor in a drama series during the 17th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles, Calif., on Jan. Noodles and company share price 30, 2011. Noodles & noodles (Al Seib via Tribune News Service)

The introduction of Lucca and another young black lawyer Monica (Nikki M. Noodles and company riverdale James) — the only two women of color at the firm — has given “The Good Wife” an opportunity to slyly poke fun at Lockhart, Agos and Lee, as well as the show itself, for its relative lack of workplace diversity. Noodles and company nanuet The humor in the interactions these women have with their often tone-deaf white colleagues is clever, fresh and relevant — a reminder that “The Good Wife” has not lost its razor-edged sense of humor.

By far the season’s weakest point has been the Peter-runs-for-president storyline, which is wholly unsurprising given that “The Good Wife” has always done a poor job handling election plotlines. Noodles and copany It might usually be a sharp and tightly written show, but when an election comes around, forget about all that. Noodles and company jordan landing Any level-headedness goes right out the door, and we are instead treated to storylines that have entirely lost touch with reality. House noodles Thankfully, campaign subplots seem to have been wrapped up for now, and hopefully they will stay that way.

“The Good Wife” deserves to go off the air on a high note, and without a messy election plotline to mar its last episodes, it is poised to take its final bow on the heels of another prodigious season. Noodles and noodles When Alicia and co. Noodles and company nashua nh say their goodbye this spring, they will leave a hard-to-fill hole in CBS’s Sunday night lineup. Noodles and company prices menu Summary

In its final season, “The Good Wife” remains as smart and sharp as ever, continuing to boast strong performances from series regulars and guest stars alike.