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Have you seen the beautiful mauve and pink flowers of bauhinia? I love the shades of pinks—deep pink, salmon pink, baby pink—and purples. Egg white and avocado I love the butterfly-shaped leaves too, mantharai elai leaf used to be our throwaway plates during my growing-up years. Avocado egg rolls recipe healthy The leaves would be stitched together with small sticks, normally the thin mid rib of the leaflets of the coconut frond.

Healthy egg and avocado recipes It was a laborious process but the end product was eco-friendly. Is avocado and egg good for you That is how I was introduced to the usefulness of this tree. Boiled egg and avocado Years later, I learnt to my surprise that the bark of this tree was the main ingredient in kanchanara guggulu, a drug used in treating galaganda (goitre) and hypothyroidism.

Kanchanara guggulu consists of the bark of Bauhinia variegata, triphala (the rinds of the fruits of Terminalia chebula, Terminalia bellirica and Emblica officinalis), ginger, pepper, pippali, cardamom, cinnamon and the bark of Crataeva nurvala. Eggs and avocado healthy recipe An acharya had said that with triphala, 50 per cent of diseases can be cured. Egg and avocado recipes It seems to be true as many drugs have triphala as their ingredient. Avocado and egg for face Many women I meet seem to have thyroid problems. Avocado and egg toast recipe Earlier, it seemed that only older people had thyroid, but now I see that many youngsters are also suffering from the complaint.

Consult your vaidyar if you have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism as she can probably start you on treatment protocol at once. Baked avocado and eggs The general consensus among physicians seems to be one 50 mg tablet, thrice a day. Salad with egg and avocado This should be taken after food as the drug could sometimes be a gastric irritant. Baked avocado and eggs recipe Some vaidyars recommend a spoon of Sudarshan churanam to be taken twice a day with cold water on an empty stomach to act against hypothyroidism.

Now for your diet, do avoid foods that are vayu-enhancing and also other goitrogenic foods. Fried egg and avocado Foods such as bok choy, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, kohlrabi, mustard, mustard greens, radish, soybeans and turnips are best avoided if you have thyroid issues. Egg white and avocado breakfast Other foods which also have goitrogens but to a lesser extent are bamboo shoots, peaches, peanuts, peas, pine nuts, spinach, strawberries, sweet potatoes, millets and almonds. Healthy avocado and egg recipes So what is left you well ask. Avocado and egg salad recipes The leaves of drumstick plant are highly recommended as these are rich in iodine and iron. Hard boiled egg and avocado recipes You can make a koottu or poriyal with the tender leaves. Egg and avocado breakfast sandwich A tasty soup can be made by pressure cooking the leaves with a few small onions, garlic and a little green gram dhal. Avocado and egg for hair You drink it as it is or grind and strain it. Egg and avocado bake This soup also improves vascular health and prevents hair fall.

Meat, poultry, eggs and butter (all organic or grass-fed) and smaller-sized fish can help avoid thyroid. Avocado and boiled egg Avocados, guavas and pomegranates are fruits which are non-goitrogenic. Egg in avocado hole recipe Normally the allopathic drug is reduced 25 mg at a time and frequent tests are done to monitor the levels of the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, free T3 and free T4. Baked avocado egg bowl Combine this new drug and food regimen with a daily practice of Ujjayi pranayama. Avocado and egg bake So pretty flowering trees, common drumstick plants and yoga can get your thyroid glands into good working order.

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