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He explains that food trucks have become an ideal way to provide food to festivals. Avocado and egg toast recipe “Instead of setting up tents, figuring out how to hook up power, coming up with ways to keep food hot and cold and getting all of the required permits, communities are realizing it is easier to just have the food trucks roll up and start serving. Baked avocado and eggs Food trucks today offer quality food and a great variety of food,” he notes.

Barnhart had a career in the auto industry but after working six days a week for more than 10 years, he decided he wanted to try something different.

Salad with egg and avocado “I wanted to do something that would involve my kids, who were all teens,” he recalls.

He thought about trying to open a food truck and asked his kids what he should serve. Baked avocado and eggs recipe “They unanimously voted for grilled cheese. Fried egg and avocado I have always been kind of famous with my family and friends for my grilled cheese.” Barnhart turned the key to start up Toasty Cheese, his food truck business, in 2012. Egg white and avocado breakfast Over the years, his children who are now 23, 21 and 19, have helped in the venture.

Barnhart shares some advice about the art of a proper toasted cheese sandwich. Healthy avocado and egg recipes “The bread plays an important part. Avocado and egg salad recipes It really needs to be able to stand up to toasting. Hard boiled egg and avocado recipes We experimented with several different breads and settled on a three pound Panini loaf. Egg and avocado breakfast sandwich It is similar to a sourdough or French loaf with a crust that provides a great crunch.”

Barnhart says that attention must also be given to the cheese selection. Avocado and egg for hair “I look for great melt ability. Egg and avocado bake The cheese can’t be too greasy either. Avocado and boiled egg About 80 percent of the cheese I use comes out of Wisconsin.”

An important ingredient for his toasted cheese creations is his “toasty butter” which is a secret blend of butter and “special ingredients” that give the sandwiches their golden brown appearance. Egg in avocado hole recipe He is not willing to divulge this toasty butter recipe.

Barnhart notes that there can be more than cheese on a toasted cheese sandwich. Baked avocado egg bowl For example, he created the Chef’s Choice made with provolone, duck bacon, fresh spinach, baby arugula, Sicilian cherry tomatoes and aioli on Panini bread. Avocado and egg bake Steak, eggs, pork belly and many other ingredients can all be used to give a gourmet twist to this American classic.

One of the advantages of a food truck is “you go to where people like your food. Avocado and egg nutrition Different foods sell in different areas so with a food truck, you have the flexibility to go to where the people are,” says Barnhart.

He admits there are some challenges with a food truck. Toast with avocado and egg The most obvious is the limited space. Avocado and egg on toast “Then there is the whole mechanical aspect,” he explains. Baked avocado with egg Like all vehicles, the truck needs to be maintained. Avocado and egg for diabetes The power supply is limited to about 10,000 watts total so it is important to carefully choose equipment to keep within that limit.

Barnhart says that finding staff who can handle the physical demand as well as culinary demand is also a challenge. Avocado and egg recipes “We spend hours prepping the truck for an event, loading everything into the truck. Avocado and scrambled egg Every day, you have to set up and then break down the kitchen. Avocado egg tomato breakfast You have to be very organized too so that nothing is left behind.”

Although it is demanding work, Barnhart says it is enjoyable because he is often attending music festivals, shows and other entertaining events in the truck. Avocado egg recipe microwave “The food truck owners all become friends too because we see each other at different events. How long to bake avocado and egg Sometimes we help each other out.”

In addition to festivals, Barnhart has served a midnight meal to wedding guests as well as catered private events. Avocado and egg toast Toasty Cheese now has two trucks with a possible third on the way. Avocado egg roll recipes Barnhart also opened a brick and mortar restaurant in December 2015 in Schaumburg.

All of this success comes from a great toasted cheese sandwich. Sandwich with avocado and egg “You need good bread and great cheese,” says Barnhart. Avocado egg nog Barnhart shares the recipe for one of his popular toasted cheese sandwiches and one of his gourmet side dishes for others to try.

Place the chicken breast on a baking sheet and season with salt and pepper. Lean in 15 avocado and egg Bake for 35 minutes at 350 degrees or until the chicken reaches 165 degrees. Egg and avocado breakfast recipes Remove from oven and allow to rest for 15 minutes.

While chicken is resting, peel and slice the avocado. Avocado and egg diabetes Mash avocado together with mayonnaise and cilantro. Baked avocado egg rolls Add salt and pepper to taste to create a cilantro-avocado aioli.

In a large pan, begin toasting the bread, butter side down over low heat. Avocado and baked egg When the cheese starts to melt, spread the cilantro avocado aioli onto two bread slices. Avocado and egg baked Place the chicken mixture and sauteed onion and poblano on the other two bread slices.

When bread is browned and crispy, place cheese with cilantro avocado aioli bread slice on top of the chicken and vegetable bread slice. Avocado and egg face mask Makes two sandwiches.

The biggest mistake people make with toasted cheese sandwiches is cooking them over heat that is too high so that the bread burns before the cheese melts. Breakfast with avocado and eggs Low and slow is the way to go.