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Or maybe you’ve never braved the waves, but with the U.S. Avocado and egg for diabetes Open of Surfing gearing up – Saturday July 23 through July 31 in Huntington Beach – you’re feeling the vibe. Avocado and egg recipes You want to know the hot spots and maybe even get up close to pro surfers hanging out downtown.

In Surf City, there’s no shortage of surf grinds: some are long-standing fixtures where surfers have been gathering for decades, others are new favorites quickly gaining traction as go-to spots.

Back in the ’80s, when Wing Lam began hatching a plan to open a casual restaurant that catered to surfers like himself, there were two places adventurers traveled in search of epic waves: Baja and Hawaii.

The then 27-year-old drew inspiration from those destinations, creating a hybrid menu with items similar to the lunch plates found in Hawaii, plus a south-of-the border spin on tacos and other Mexican fare.

“It’s a place for them to hang out, they don’t have to get dressed up, their hair is still wet and they are in the flip-flops,” said Lam, now 55. Avocado and scrambled egg “And it’s healthy.”

He opened up the downtown Huntington restaurant in 1992. Avocado egg tomato breakfast Now there are more than 60 locations in seven states and one in Tokyo. Avocado egg recipe microwave Lam, who can be found out in the water off West Newport, where he lives, has a simple favorite after his surf sessions.

Seal Beach surfer Shawn Gole fell in love with Hawaii during his four-year stint with the Coast Guard, and when he returned to his home in Orange County a few years ago, he had a vision for a new kind of restaurant focusing solely on poke.

Since Gole opened Huntington’s North Shore Poke Co. How long to bake avocado and egg in 2012, there’s been a poke explosion around O.C. Avocado and egg toast – but he was the first to focus on the marinated raw fish.

The cool, seasoned cubes of raw ahi tuna at North Shore Poke Co. Avocado egg roll recipes are a favorite for pro surfer Dane Gudauskas, who will be a commentator for the event while his two brothers compete.

“That’s my favorite little gem,” he said of the small, casual poke shop. Sandwich with avocado and egg “I think it’s just super light, refreshing. Avocado egg nog It’s power food that keeps you rocking for the rest of the day.”

The poke plate Pipeline, named after the bombing break Banzai Pipeline on Oahu’s North Shore, has a light, tangy marinade and is topped with sesame seeds and green onions. Lean in 15 avocado and egg The Waimea, also a world-famous break on the North Shore, is slathered with a creamy mayo-based sauce.

Gole has validation that his poke is authentic, even from the toughest critics from the islands who were judges at the annual I Love Poke challenge last year in Huntington Beach. Egg and avocado breakfast recipes He took home first prize after going up against other well-known poke makers around Orange County.

When Sessions West Coast Deli chef Max Schlutz gets out of the water – whether it’s after surfing in West Newport or bodysurfing the Wedge – his favorite nosh is El Cubano, a hefty roasted pork sandwich with smoked ham, Swiss cheese, tangy pickles, onions and other fixings piled high.

“It makes the whole trek in the water worth it for me,” he said of the sandwich from his shop’s menu. Avocado and egg diabetes “If you take the time to get in the water and you put out the effort and burn the calories, you get to reward yourself.”

When Sessions opened in Newport Beach, it was the vision of three surfers – Schlutz, Matt Meddock and Beckham Thomas – to open a community-based restaurant to satisfy the hunger of patrons with an active, action-sports lifestyle.

“I think the more you pay homage to where you’re from, they’ll support you,” Schlutz said of the local surfers, snowboarders and skaters who frequent the shop, which opened a second location in downtown Huntington Beach during last year’s U.S. Baked avocado egg rolls Open of Surfing.

There’s the most popular, the Summer Zephyr, named after the gritty crew of Dogtown and Z-Boys from the ’70s who brought an edgy surf style to skating. Avocado and baked egg The sandwich is a take on a Caprese, with marinated tomato, baby arugula, mozzarella, basil aioli and pickled red onion, a vegetarian treat that can be made meaty by adding turkey or chicken.

The Pirate Coast creation is a white albacore tuna sandwich with a jalpeño dill dressing, a modified recipe from Schlutz’s grandmother and named after a stand-up paddleboard company based in Newport Harbor.

The most popular salad is the Wedge Legend, a bumped-up version of a classic salad. Avocado and egg baked The Sessions’ version has both bacon and chicken but with an added tang from goat cheese topping and a horseradish dressing tempered with balsamic vinager. Avocado and egg face mask It packs a punch – just like the world-famous Wedge in Newport.

Secret menu: There’s a secret menu item called Geno, named after bodysurfer Gene Peterson, who died after an accident while surfing the Wedge. Breakfast with avocado and eggs Schlutz consulted with his family to find out his favorite sandwich: turkey, bacon and avocado. Avocado and egg mask So Schlutz made a version that has bacon jam and habanero sauce, topped with guacamole and cherry peppers, served on a French roll.

Breakfast: In January, Sessions launched an extended breakfast menu for the dawn patrollers (early morning surfers). Egg and avocado salad The No. Egg in avocado weight loss 1 seller is the Wake and Bake: smoked bacon or breakfast sausage, jalapeño jack cheese, scrambled eggs, cilantro cream cheese spread, jalapeño and homemade guacamole.

This restaurant is named after Hawaiian surf legend and Olympic swimming champion Duke Kahanamoku, who helped popularize surfing in Southern California. How to make baked avocado and egg The location doesn’t get any better, with a view of the pier and ocean. How to make avocado and egg Inside, the setting is filled with tiki and Hawaiian decor.

You’ll find island-style offerings like crab and macadamia nut wontons or Tahitian shrimp on the appetizer menu, and the restaurant is known for its seafood dishes like the grilled island-style fish, made with guava pineapple relish and served with bok choy stir fry and rice.

Duke’s is a bit more upscale than many of the other surf-inspired spots around town, but an option for a night out after a long day at the U.S. Avocado and egg blood sugar Open of Surfing. Avocado and poached egg on toast Brunch mega-buffet on weekends, too.

The small eatery was started by Pat and Mary Williams in 1967, who passed on the business to daughter Michele Turner, who now has her three children helping out. Avocado and poached egg recipes You might even see some of her grandkids helping salty surfers get their fix after a morning of catching waves near the pier.

Two of her children, Ryan and Timmy, are well-known in the surfing community and are being honored this year during the U.S. Avocado and egg breakfast recipe Open of Surfing: Ryan at the Surfers Hall of Fame in front of Huntington Surf and Sport, and Timmy across the street at the Surfing Walk of Fame in front of Jack’s Surfboards.

While there are few catchy surf names to the hometown breakfast offerings, the Turners know how to fill the bellies of famished surfers with classics like egg combo plates or hefty three-egg omelets. Avocado and egg recipes buzzfeed Michele’s Special is a healthful combo with grilled chicken breast and three egg whites, scrambled with bell peppers and tomatoes.

Surf announcer Rick “Rockin Fig” Fignetti, who owns a surf shop down the street, has been eating at Sugar Shack for decades. Recipe for baked avocado and egg “I love the food, but it’s the people who work there, too,” he said. Avocado and egg breakfast pizza “It’s full of aloha there.”

After surfing chilly water, Fignetti likes to warm up with the Surf, coffee mixed with cocoa. Avocado and egg in oven And to fuel up, he usually orders the breakfast special of eggs and bacon, switching out pancakes for french toast.

Adorning the walls are photos and autographs of well-known surfers, and Fignetti has even run into 11-time world champ Kelly Slater at the Shack.