Unique dishes help milwaukeeans celebrate holidays

December, with all of its holidays, is sometimes referred to as the Season of Light. Tomato pasta sauce with passata The nights are long, culminating with the winter solstice on Dec. Tomato pasta sauce names 22, the longest night of the year. Homemade tomato pasta sauce jamie oliver In Milwaukee, there will be a mere nine hours of sunlight.

Quick and easy homemade pasta sauce That leaves 15 hours of darkness to fill.

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, the solstice, Kwanzaa, Christmas or something else entirely, nothing brightens a cold, inky-black night like candles, twinkling lights, friends and food.

The tastes and aromas of the winter holiday season are beautifully engraved in people’s memories: the satiny chocolate fudge your dad makes, Cousin Alex’s perfectly crisp latkes, spending the entire day making little Italian cookies with your aunts.

While the most important part is who gathers around the table, it is what’s on the table that binds us together and solidifies the memory firmly in our minds. Tomato pasta sauce thermomix Healthier holiday fare

JoAnne Sabir and her husband, Maanaan, live in Milwaukee and celebrate Kwanzaa, but they support their community and relatives who celebrate Christmas.

The Sabirs own the newly opened Juice Kitchen (1617 W. Best homemade spaghetti meat sauce North Ave.), which serves fresh-pressed juice from locally sourced vegetables. Homemade pasta sauce recipe from scratch It’s no surprise that when they sit down to celebrate, the offerings are both delicious and nourishing.

Sabir’s father is the family chef, but the holidays are a time when he can put “his feet under someone else’s table.” JoAnne uses her father’s recipes but has made healthful alterations — with his blessing.

Some of Sabir’s offerings at the holiday table include baked brussels sprouts, glazed salmon and a macaroni and cheese made with nut milk and sharp white cheddar. 4 cheese sauce recipe for pasta While the family loves most of their dishes, she admits that the changes to the macaroni and cheese dish “were not as embraced as others — my family likes their mild orange cheddar.”

One of Sabir’s favorite dishes is sautéed collard greens. Homemade pasta sauce from fresh tomatoes Frequently collards are braised with meat, but here they are quickly cooked with onions and flavorful jerk seasoning only until bright green and still a little crunchy. How to make homemade pasta sauce Mix of influences

Arthur Ircink is a documentary filmmaker and the founder and executive producer of “Wisconsin Foodie.” His mother is French Canadian, his wife’s family is Serbian and they are Wisconsinites to the core. Tomato pasta sauce calories Each of these cultural influences is reflected in the foods they choose to eat during the holidays.

Although Ircink is primarily a vegetarian, he fondly recalls the aroma and taste of his mom’s tourtière — a traditional Quebec dish of pork and beef in a rich pastry crust, which undoubtedly contained lard. Homemade italian pasta sauce Ircink remembers lard being a favorite ingredient of his mother’s; she even spread it on toast.

The holidays stretch from Thanksgiving to the Christian Orthodox Christmas (Jan. Homemade spaghetti sauce from scratch for canning 7) for the family. Easy homemade pasta sauce It begins with Ircink’s lauded Thanksgiving cheese tray — he is the family cheesemonger. Best homemade spaghetti meat sauce recipe This year he included Upland’s Rush Creek Reserve, double cream Colby from Clock Shadow, Roth Private Reserve and Hook’s 12-year cheddar, along with accompaniments like spiced nuts and dried fruits.

There are desserts for miles, and in January for the Orthodox Christmas, his wife’s family loads the table with Serbian delicacies, including “cevapi,” a spiced sausage made with beef, pork and lamb. Tomato pasta sauce for meatballs Buttermilk pie for all

Lois Chaple fondly remembers the morning in 1985 when her co-worker at the Milwaukee Department of Social Services walked in with a buttermilk pie made specially for her friends. Homemade spaghetti sauce from canned tomatoes Chaple fell in love and immediately acquired the recipe. Sauce for pasta not tomato She has been making it for the holidays ever since.

For Thanksgiving, she made three buttermilk pies to take to her family’s house, along with a few sweet potato pies, but she says the buttermilk variety always steals the show.

Chaple recites the recipe by heart and at the last minute mentions she sprinkles nutmeg across the top for looks and flavor. Making a tomato sauce for pasta The pie is simple but golden, luscious and lightly tangy. Sauce for pasta crossword clue Its bright flavor is a welcome complement to heavier spiced pies such as pumpkin and pecan. Homemade pasta bake sauce recipe Venezuelan favorites

Gregory León (owner/chef at Amilinda) grew up in Venezuela, and while the country has several requisite dishes that must be eaten on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve and be available for drop-in guests all of December, each family and region makes them slightly differently “and everyone thinks theirs is the best,” says León.

The customary celebratory meal is a leg of pork, hallacas and pan de jamón. Homemade tomato spaghetti sauce recipe Hallacas take several days to prepare and consist of stewed beef, chicken and pork, often with potato, prunes and hard-boiled eggs, wrapped in a corn dough and steamed in banana leaves. Easy homemade spaghetti sauce Any house you visit during December will offer you a hallaca to nibble on “and you shouldn’t turn them down,” León says.

The pan de jamón (ham bread) is an easier endeavor, consisting of a slightly sweet white bread dough wrapped around a filling of smoked ham, pimento-stuffed olives and raisins. Sauce for pasta without tomatoes It is sliced and served warm.