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Most of today’s young parents grew up following the old school USDA food pyramid, which encouraged Americans to get the bulk of their nutrition from the bread, cereal, rice and pasta group.

And that was a whopping six to 11 servings a day, along with three to five servings of veggies, two to four of fruit and two to three from the milk, yogurt and cheese group and the meat, poultry fish, dry beans, eggs and nuts group. Avocado and egg weight loss A little triangle at the top was reserved for fats, oils and sweets with the warning to “use sparingly.”

Updated in 2005, the new pyramid showed more of a pie-style chart of colors with grains, vegetables and milk having nearly equal slices of the pie, a fruit section about half the size of those and a meat section roughly a quarter of the size.

Egg and avocado bake recipe A tiny sliver was present with a picture of a container of oil accompanying it.

Along side the “pyramid” was a set of stairs with a stick figure climbing them, meant to be a reminder that physical activity should not be forgotten in achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Well, it seems that as time goes on, we know better. Avocado and fried egg Those early images guiding us to consume huge amounts of carbohydrates backfired — and that overindulgence in unhealthy carbs has contributed to diseases, such as type 2 diabetes. Baked avocado w egg The wrong kind of carbs can wreak havoc on a diet, especially when not matched with more healthy foods.

At health.gov, you can look back at dietary guidelines going back to 1980. Bacon egg and avocado The USDA’s dietary guidelines have been updated every five years since, now compiled along with the Department of Health and Human Services. Avocado and poached egg The publication is produced with health care officials in mind, but can be useful for anyone who takes time to look it over.

One chapter in the most recent publication, the 2015-2020 dietary guidelines, addresses dietary intakes compared to recommendations showing that an estimated 85 percent of Americans have an intake of vegetables below the recommendation.

The new plate image shows that half of the plate should be occupied by vegetables and fruits, with a focus on whole fruits and varied vegetables. Avocado and egg baked in oven If you read further into the dietary guidelines, it breaks down veggies into five subgoups: dark-green vegetables, starchy vegetables, red and orange vegetables, beans and peas, and other vegetables with recommendations of these subgroups being per week rather than per day.

“Go for a lot of color,” said Terri Sakelaris, registered dietitian/nutrtionist with Community Health Care System at Fitness Pointe in Munster. Is avocado and egg good for your hair “Have some greenery and carrots and tomatoes for color variety. Egg and avocado breakfast Some kids will do green beans and you can try pinto beans or garbanzo beans. Avocado deviled eggs recipe no mayo Some kids also like cole slaw.”

She also warned that not all vegetables are created equal. Egg and avocado on toast Corn, for example, is so starchy she said she wouldn’t even count it as a vegetable but would group it into the starch or “grain” group.

She suggested beans, peas or legumes on a tortilla shell as a way that kids may be more open to veggies. Poached egg and avocado breakfast “Also, if kids get to go grocery shopping and wash the vegetables they’ll be more into it,” Sakelaris said.

And just like not all veggies are equal, neither are all grains. Avocado and egg sandwich Sakelaris said the the new report pushes whole grains and discourages processed foods. Avocado egg roll recipe from cheesecake factory “If you’re having bread, have a high fiber bread,” she said. Avocado egg bacon breakfast Protein makes up less than a quarter of the plate in the updated image and Sakelaris suggest making it a lean meat, like chicken, fish or a lean burger. Avocado egg rolls recipe cheesecake factory One tip she suggested in selecting a healthier meat is to look for “oin” in the name — tenderloin or sirloin are leaner cuts. Egg stuffed avocado recipes She also advised to avoid lunch meats and rather use dinner leftovers to make sandwiches.

While the plate image serves a reminder of what to lean to what to avoid, a study of the dietary guidelines available online at health.gov gives specific guidelines for age and sex and helps you better decipher what qualifies as a serving and key nutrients in different foods as well as how calories come into play.

Sakelaris mentioned that the site also offers guidance of healthy eating patterns for Mediterranean-style eating and for vegetarian diets, something that isn’t addressed in previous reports.