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For an institution truly dedicated to vegetarian and vegan food, look no further than Veggie Grill in Mountain View. How to make chicken strips crispy The fast-casual restaurant chain serves up innovative food — minus the meat — in a bright, modern space with wood-topped tables and soft lighting from hanging spherical fixtures. Cane’s chicken fingers calories Creative veggie-focused entrees that hit the spot include the Sonoran summer bowl, ($10.95) an assortment of organic quinoa, black beans, fire-roasted corn, avocado, salsa, jalapeño and tortilla strips in a roasted red-pepper sauce. Buffalo chicken tenders calories Other satisfying choices: the crispy cauliflower bites ($6.45) of panko-breaded cauliflower florets served with a sweet and spicy orange dipping sauce, and the banh mi salad ($9.95), which is loaded with organic tofu, eggplant, pickled carrots, white cabbage, cucumbers and daikon, accented with basil, cilantro, mint, kale and a five-spice glaze. Calories in chicken fingers and fries A popular sandwich among herbivores and carnivores alike is the Santa Fe crispy chickin’ sandwich ($10.95), according to its vice president of marketing, Leah Smith. Baked chicken fingers recipe panko It’s loaded with lettuce, tomato, red onion, avocado and a spicy mayo. Easy baked chicken fingers The fried “chickin'” is a veggie protein that is marinated and seasoned for a crispy coating “that delivers a sensory experience in terms of flavor and texture,” Smith said. Battered chicken fingers Veggie Grill also offers a selection of organic iced teas and juices — no sugary sodas here. Honey mustard dipping sauce for chicken fingers As the largest vegetarian fast-casual restaurant chain in the U.S., Smith said, “we strive to be the go-to destination for craveable and innovative veggie-centric food.”

If you’re a vegan on a budget, you can’t do much better than a trip to family-owned Veggie Garden in Mountain View.

Breaded chicken fingers recipe Lorita Teng and her husband opened the restaurant after their daughter developed a skin allergy and their family doctor advised a change in diet, Teng said in an interview, and they felt compelled to spread the gospel of the vegan lifestyle. Chicken fingers in the oven The small-yet-cozy restaurant offers traditional Chinese food that is completely meat-, dairy- and egg-free. Best baked chicken fingers Try the mouth-watering house-made wontons ($7.95) stuffed with fresh cabbage, carrots and zucchini and topped with chili oil. Honey mustard chicken fingers The dumplings are served on a bed of bean sprouts, shredded cucumbers and red cabbage, with a peanut dipping sauce. What to serve with chicken fingers The wontons, which Teng said are made to order, have a nutty taste that is balanced by the sweetness of the peanut sauce and spiciness of the chili oil. Deep fry chicken fingers A popular dish, Teng said, is the black-pepper “chicken” ($7.95), made with a meat substitute, onions, carrots, zucchini and green onions and sautéed in a black-pepper sauce. Best chicken fingers restaurant The meat substitute, which is imported from Taiwan, is made from soy-bean fiber and shiitake mushrooms, which mimic the texture of meat, Teng said. How to make chicken fingers at home “It’s good because there’s a lot of fiber, so you feel full but you don’t get all that fat,” she said. How to make fried chicken fingers Teng credits the success of the restaurant to the quality of the ingredients they use. Easy homemade chicken fingers “Our food is not oily like other Chinese restaurants, and our vegetables are very fresh because we don’t order a lot. Oven baked chicken fingers recipe We order little by little,” she said. Cooking chicken fingers If you have food allergies, employees will do what they can to accommodate you, Teng added.

LYFE Kitchen is not a completely meat-free restaurant, but it has an extensive menu with many vegan and vegetarian-friendly dishes — and all under 600 calories. How to fry chicken fingers The fast-casual restaurant on Hamilton Avenue in downtown Palo Alto, voted best vegetarian restaurant by Best Of Palo Alto voters four years in a row, serves up Instagram-worthy meals inside a large, bright and modern space with a vertical herb garden as the focal point. How to make chicken fingers in the oven For vegans, there’s the rich sweet corn chowder ($5), which has the creaminess of traditional corn chowder but is made with cashew cream (it’s also gluten-free). Homemade chicken fingers deep fried Or, try the quinoa crunch bowl ($10), a popular item among vegans and carnivores alike, said Robert Griffin, the senior brand manager. Pictures of chicken fingers The filling and flavorful dish comes with quinoa, fresh, crunchy vegetables (like snap peas), avocado, arugula and an edamame hummus, all tossed with a chipotle vinaigrette and Palo Alto Firefighters hot sauce. Healthy homemade chicken fingers It has a lot of good things going on in one bowl. Chicken fingers recept For dessert, munch on a warm vegan chocolate chip cookie ($2) or dig into the chocolate or banana-coconut budino ($4), LYFE’s take on the Italian dessert. Chicken fingers rezept LYFE caters to vegetarians and vegans because “with a growing number of guests choosing a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, it makes sense to not only be able to serve them delicious, satisfying meals, but to be able to serve their families and friends also, regardless of dietary preference,” he said. Chicken fingers ingredients “No one’s excluded at our table.”

At Calafia Cafe in Palo Alto, chef-owner Charlie Ayer has created an entire menu dedicated to “plant eaters.” The restaurant’s four vegetarian-friendly salads are all tantalizing and satisfying, but the crimson quinoa salad ($14) with beet-infused quinoa mixed with dried red currants, lemon zest, parsley, roasted beets, wild arugula and basil-citrus vinaigrette, and “super salad” ($16) of kale and quinoa pilaf tossed with feta cheese, walnuts, dried cranberries and lemon olive oil dressing, are go-to plant-based entrees. 4 fingers chicken recipe Another favorite is the “Buddha Bowl,” ($21) a tasty medley of sautéed seasonal veggies, soft tofu, quinoa pilaf, cauliflower puree and ginger-scallion sauce. Are chicken fingers healthy For “meatier” options, the veggie burger, roasted wild mushroom tacos and vegan plate (a shareable spread of roasted seasonal veggies) are must-trys. Chicken strips recipe healthy “Not enough restaurants offer exciting and or compelling vegetarian or vegan items on their menus unless that is their focus,” said General Manager Chandra Lama. Baked chicken strips no breading And that’s why Calafia offers such a menu, to allow “both meat eaters and plant eaters a place where they can both enjoy a meal together where everyone feels satisfied,” Lama said.

Mountain View’s Yam Leaf Bistro was started by six friends who wanted to promote healthful, environmentally friendly eating. Baked chicken tenders no breadcrumbs The quaint restaurant offers organic vegetarian food with vegan options. Homemade chicken fingers panko The pupusas ($13) are a must-try. How to make chicken tenders crispy The Salvadoran dish is made of a thick corn tortilla and are commonly prepared with a variety of fillings. How to make chicken strips at home At Yam Leaf, the pupusas are stuffed with soy chorizo, mushrooms, beans and squash. Recipe for baked chicken fingers A satisfying cold-weather dish is the veggie medley soup ($5.25 for a small bowl), which changes with the availability of fresh ingredients. Dipping sauces for chicken fingers 699 Calderon Ave., Mountain View;

Lemonade, a new cafeteria-style restaurant in Palo Alto, offers a vegetable-centric menu, which changes four times a year with the season. Crunchy chicken fingers recipe Diners can choose from a variety of hot and cold dishes, including some vegan- and vegetarian-friendly options like sesame-marinated lo mein noodles with fermented carrots, mushrooms and edamame ($2.95), roasted broccoli ($2.95) and Honey Kiss melon tossed with beets, kalamata olives, sheep’s milk feta and an arugula pesto ($2.95). Restaurant style chicken fingers And don’t forget the namesake beverage ($3.50), which comes in several flavors, including classic, cucumber mint, blood orange and guava limeade. Baked breaded chicken fingers 151 University Ave, Palo Alto;

Mountain View vegan cafe The Phoenix offers a healthy take on the lunchtime buffet. Breaded chicken fingers baked For $12.95, dine on mixed vegetables with coconut curry, cheese-less baked eggplant Parmesan and penne pasta lightly tossed with pesto and mushrooms, among other healthy options. Buttermilk fried chicken fingers The cafe also offers fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies. Chicken fingers recipe oven 650 Castro St. How to make chicken fingers like restaurants #130, Mountain View;

Garden Fresh is a family-owned vegan restaurant with Chinese roots and has a basic menu oriented toward family-style meals. How do you make chicken fingers Try the sweet and sour veggie “pork” ($9.95). Recipes with chicken fingers The pork is made from soy chicken strips, which gives you the same mouth-feel as regular meat, and is sautéed with carrots, bean sprouts and green onions in a special spicy sauce. How to make baked chicken fingers 460 Ramona St., Palo Alto;