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Gina lives on the cusp of two crises. Noodles and company oak park One, in Colombia, is supposed to be ending. Noodles and company open hours After a half-century of war, the country has signed a peace agreement with the largest rebel group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). Noodles and company location The deal will be voted on in a national plebiscite October 2.

The other, in Venezuela, looks increasingly like it is just beginning.

Noodles and company rewards Years of economic micromanagement and nationalizations have left shelves barren, incomes devalued, and millions of families impoverished. Noodles and company maple grove Prada’s classmate Guiani Bustos says she wouldn’t dare walk outside at night in an informal settlement where both girls live near the frontier town of San Antonio. Noodles and company utah Pursing her lips and twisting her braids in her fingers, she elaborates: Armed gangs “come and kill people anytime,” she says. Noodles and company reston “There will be millions trying to escape. Noodles and company specials Where do they escape? The border.”

Facing hunger and insecurity, hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans are fleeing abroad. Noodles and company tinley park There is no official count of migrants from the recent crisis, but 57 percent of Venezuelans say they would leave their country if they could, a recent poll by the Caracas-based Datincorp found. Noodles and company food The migrants go where they have family and cultural ties. Dragon noodles vaishali menu As many as 260,000 have come to the United States, to communities such as South Florida, where hundreds of families have recently arrived destitute. Noodles and more Others have scattered across Latin America and Europe.

Yet there is no landing point so close and fragile as Colombia, where fallout from Venezuela’s churning disaster could unravel decades of progress. Noodles and company topeka In Cúcuta, migrants are straining the job market and stirring resentment among locals, who can easily pick up the outsiders’ elided accents on the streets and in stores. Noodles etc menu More alarming to the millions of Colombians preparing to vote on the FARC deal is the range of armed groups that have taken advantage of Venezuela’s crisis to grow and regroup.

The risks are on display at the Institución Educativa de la Frontera, just a two-minute drive from the Simón Bolívar memorial bridge that separates the two countries. Where is noodles and company Students such as Gina stock up on food during lunch and recess. Noodles and company towson They aren’t alone. Noodles n company coupons Each day, thousands of Venezuelans cross the border on foot to buy items such as rice and toilet paper that aren’t available back home.

A growing number flee permanently to Colombia. Noodles and conpany The Colombian government is making contingency plans to receive up to 1 million arrivals in the coming months.

In Cúcuta’s gated neighborhoods, nearly every Mercedes and SUV has a Venezuelan license plate — not because the owners are citizens but because registering over the border was cheaper and made it easier to buy subsidized gas, which costs 69 times less in Venezuela than it does in Colombia.

It wasn’t just the wealthy; in the old days, everyone from Cúcuta shopped in Venezuela. Noodles and company c 470 and kipling They stocked up on price-controlled supplies and returned. Noodles and company coupon Any small-time trader with business sense could bring back a little extra fuel or flour and find a niche selling Venezuelan goods at a profit.

Now that livelihood is gone. Noodles and company valpo So too is a growing number of unskilled jobs in fields such as construction, where desperate Venezuelan migrants accept a lower wage. Oodles noodles menu leicester Incomes in Cúcuta are drying up, and petty crime is growing.

“It’s something that is invisible; only the local people living here will see it,” explains a human rights lawyer working with the government, who declined to be named because he was not authorized to speak to the media.

Outside the city center, the crisis is more visible. Noodles and company deerfield A plethora of new illicit markets are emerging from Venezuela’s economic free fall. Noodles restaurant menu And a plethora of small armed groups with links in both countries is taking advantage.

Drug trafficking is once again on the rise. Noodles and company investor relations Colombia ceased spraying coca crops in 2015, and cultivation has risen nearly 40 percent, according to United Nations estimates. Wide noodles Venezuela’s porous border offers an obvious transit point. Noodles and company blaine Armed groups have also begun charging a small fee to carry Venezuelan migrants over the border. Noodles and company iupui Food and medicine get smuggled too.

Back in Cúcuta’s La Parada neighborhood, where Gina and her school buddy Guiani study, an unintelligible array of gangs vies for control of the contraband. Noodles hours of operation Taxi drivers are afraid to roll down the bumpy dirt roads, and strangers cannot stay very long.

“This neighborhood is really complicated,” says school principal German Berbesi, seeming to revel in his understatement. Where is noodles Seven times in the past month, he sighs, police have come into the neighborhood to seize contraband. Noodles and company wausau The merchants fight back: “They use pipe bombs and other explosives. Noodles and company woodridge We are in the middle of this situation, and when it occurs, there is panic among the children and parents.”

Gina and Guiani speak of the crisis more jadedly. Noodles and company sandy Exchanging glances and giggles, they breezily discuss the dire situation the way teens elsewhere might gossip about Taylor Swift. Noodles and company data breach “Of course it affects us. Noodles and company eagan Our parents don’t have work, and the wages they earn are very little,” Guiani says. Noodles and company vacaville “There is a lack of everything. Noodles and company calories Food — you don’t find anything.”

As they chat while walking through the school gate, they veer toward the shops outside — a small detour for life’s essentials before returning home.