We got together at just the right time _ small graces

I almost dropped my chopsticks, shooting a sideways look over at my friend, Erin, who just grinned and nodded at my Dad as though she followed him completely. What is noodles and company Her father was a jazz pianist, and she got along famously with my father who would regularly quiz her on her jazz knowledge. Noodles and company eldersburg She had taken the day off work, hopping a cab and two trains to join me in Miller Beach, all for the purpose of helping me clean my father’s house. Noodles and company edina Afterwards, we would both attempt to win a few coins from his jar of card game winnings in the Rummy 500 game that would inevitably follow.

Astonished that he wanted to go out to eat, I wasted no time picking up phone, Great idea! I’ll call and tell her to come hungry.” I dialed and left a message on her phone, in a conspiratorial whisper. Noodles and company shorewood “I can’t say much right now, but my father assures you, you are in for a real treat when you get here.”

Two hours later found us in a tiny, dark, faux-paneled Chinese restaurant, complete with requisite paper lanterns, crimson oilcloth table covers and Chinese zodiac placemats on a strip of highway lined with vacated and half-demolished buildings. Noodles and company menu calories The only other business still hanging on was the truck stop across the street, with its attached diner. Yellow noodles My father pointed it out as we pulled into Wing Wah’s parking lot as I eyed the sun-bleached sign reading “Paradise.”

“You like omelets? I’ve got to take you to Paradise sometime. Noodles and company 27th st Breakfasts like you wouldn’t believe. Noodles and company hours of operation Freddy and I like to go there. Noodles denver Their chef is from London.”

My father, eschewing the chopsticks in favor of a fork, took a healthy bite of “Beef Noodle, Szechuan Style ( no fried rice)” and turned his attention to me.

“I never really had any help in my life. Noodles order Do you know my mother used to beat me with an ironing cord? This was back when they were really thick, like a rope. Noodles a She treated my sister like a princess, but me…” he shook his head with a frown, “It was like she hated men. Fast food noodles I remember hiding under my bed and she would whip that cord under there at me.”

“I still remember the day I grabbed her arm when I was old enough to stand up to her. Noodles and compsny I stared her down and told her she was not going to hit me ever again. Noodles and company owner And she never did.

“But when I went into the service, she gave away all my things. Noodles and company hicksville My baseball cards. Noodles and company lakewood Coin collection. Noodles and company carmel Marbles. Noodles menu Everything. Noodles by noodles I had some good collections and I took perfect care of them. Noodles and company deer park They were going to be worth a lot of money. Noodles and complany Just gone. Noodles number My Dad was a good man, but quiet. Noodles restaurante He couldn’t really do anything about her. Noodles and company cost No one could.”

“So I just learned how to survive. Noodles abd company I knew I was going to have to do things for myself and that’s what I did. Noodles and company catering For some reason, I always had the confidence to do that. Noodles and company thai hot pot I always had a free mind. Noodles and company troy I just learned how to do what I had to do and I never really had anyone to help me.

It was the sweetest thing he could have said to me, even though it was the craziest thing one could ever hear from a parent. Noodles and company 76th street I smiled and nodded, right along with Erin as though it were true, that Dad had only recently met me and that it was indeed, fortuitous, that we had ‘gotten together’ at just the right time.

He looked at me as I nodded enthusiastically to assure him I was happy to share the ‘Best Friend’ title. Can you get noodles and company to go “Oh yeah, where would you be without Freddy? I don’t even want to think about that. Noodles and company wheaton He’s been incredible.”

I replayed his comments as I watched him cut into an eggroll, not sure of which was more astonishing, the fact that he was eating or the way he seemed to think of us as having met at some point. Kt noodles menu When does he think he and I met, exactly? It’s like he doesn’t even count that whole ‘I grew up in his house as one of his kids’ thing.

The strangest part of the whole conversation, though, was the way I found myself agreeing with him. Noodles and company nashua He seemed to feel about me the same way I had been feeling about myself of late—as though there was a “me” who had just recently made her entrance on the scene while a bunch of stand-ins had been holding her spot until she could arrive.

It was true, this “me” was not someone who had known him for very long. Noodles and company greeley co This “me” was patient, quicker with her humor than she was to express anger. Ingredients for noodles This “me”, I realized over that plate of steaming noodles, loved this man in a way that the daughter I had been never really did.

The fact is, my father never really felt like a father to me. Noodles and company evanston My mother once referred to him as “a bachelor who happened to get married”. Noodles and company university ave He gave her a family because she had wanted kids but his true loves were his garden, his music, his camera and his dogs. Noodles and company corporate It never occurred to me before now that maybe the reverse was true as well and that I had never really felt like a daughter to him, either.

Maybe those years of growing up in his home while he was living out his decades of work, home, dinner, sleep, tend the garden on the weekends, rinse and repeat, really didn’t count for either one of us, where our current relationship was concerned. Noodles and company appleton wi Maybe this synopsis of our relationship, which has only begun to blossom in the last small number of years was the most accurate accounting, the truest rendition, of who we had become to each other. Noodles and company email Maybe my father was more clear about me, and about us, than I had been to that point—that we were somehow more “true” as “the best of friends” as he described us to Erin, than we ever were at being father and daughter.

In truth, it was because of our friendship, far more than any sense of familial duty, that I was able to arrive on his doorstep, visit after visit, tired, sometimes, of course, but with love in my heart rather than feelings of resentment or burden. Noodles menu prices I never have been able to tolerate a sense of obligation well. Noodles and company restaurant Something about it makes me feel hemmed in and, while I may fulfill my obligations, I may fail to do so with grace.

If I had remained psychologically locked in my role as ‘oldest daughter’, my father and I never would have never ‘gotten together,” and I would not have been prepared for what was to come.

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