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Having bought a fixer-upper together in Springfield, N.J., from left, Chris Sorrentino, 25, Marc Aschoff, 25, Michael Carbonara, 26, and Michael Zonin, 25, discuss plans for its renovation. Chicken parmesan recept Credit

For some New Yorkers who have been priced out of New York City’s real estate game, pooling resources with friends and siblings has become the quickest path to homeownership. Parmesan chicken recipes baked And while sharing a front door can put even the best relationships to the test, some are finding it’s worth the risk.

For Laurie Savage, a writer and restaurant server, and her husband, Garette Henson, a filmmaker, both 36, the arrival of their son, Fox Henson, almost 2, sparked the idea of buying real estate with a friend.

Baked spaghetti with chicken parmesan That friend was Alix Frey, 37, whom they had met when they were all students at Sarah Lawrence College.

The group recently moved into a three-story two-family townhouse in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Best foods chicken parmesan Ms. Oven baked parmesan chicken recipe Frey, the director of the Blum & Poe gallery in Manhattan, occupies the top level while the couple have the lower level, including the basement and the backyard. Parmesan crusted chicken fridays The parlor level is divided between the Savage/Hensons and Ms. Simple chicken parmesan Frey.

For assistance in their search for a place to buy, the three, who had rented apartments in the same brownstone in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, for eight years, turned to Marina T. Parmesan crusted chicken outback Schindler, a saleswoman at Compass real estate and one of Ms. Chicken parmesan oven baked Frey’s close friends. Simple recipe for chicken parmesan Continue reading the main story

The most difficult part was getting a mortgage together, which required the friends to be totally open about their finances. How to make homemade chicken parmesan They have a single mortgage, with the payments based on the percentage of property owned. Chicken parmesan images The Savage/Henson living space is bigger than Ms. Parmesan chicken recipe baked Frey’s, so the couple pay a bigger share.

Having already lived in the same building made the prospect of buying together almost a matter of course. Parmesan chicken low carb Ms. How to cook chicken parmesan pasta Savage said she feels a sense of pride that they were able to pull off homeownership.

“People have asked me if it’s less exciting because you’re sharing with someone,” Ms. How to cook chicken parmesan Savage said. All recipes chicken parmesan “It’s actually quite the opposite. Easy to make chicken parmesan No one expects anyone to want to share; that’s not the way our society is built. Chicken parmesan recipes easy delicious We feel really proud of what we did in finding a way to make it happen.”

Over in the Flatbush area of Brooklyn, a pair of enterprising siblings and their families had the same idea when it came to finding new digs.

Jonathan Blyer, 34, a custom bicycle fitting specialist and the owner of the Acme Bicycle Co., is excited that renovations have finally begun on the four-story limestone that he and his wife, Adriana Pezzulli, 39, bought with his older sister, Raina Blyer, 39, a freelance tailor, and Luis Cornier, 45, a master coach for Precor, a fitness equipment manufacturer. Chicken parmesan without tomato sauce The target move-in date is early 2017.

Mr. Chicken bread crumbs parmesan Blyer and Ms. Penne rosa with parmesan crusted chicken Pezzulli, the director of development at the Lower Eastside Girls Club, have a daughter, Eva Newman, 9, from Ms. Baked chicken parmesan pasta recipe Pezzulli’s previous relationship, and a son, Noah Blyer, 9 months. Parmesan chicken Ms. Chicken parmesan recipe with panko bread crumbs Blyer and Mr. Best foods parmesan chicken Cornier have three children — Chloe Cornier, 8, from Mr. Delicious chicken parmesan recipe Cornier’s previous relationship, Rumi Cornier, almost 3, and Shai Cornier, 8 months.

“We’ve been very open and communicative about things,” Mr. Chicken parmesan baked ziti recipe Blyer said. Easy parmesan chicken recipe “At the end of the day we don’t want to ruin our relationship with each other.”

The two families looked for property independently but quickly realized that if they could agree on a neighborhood, they’d get more for their money by going in together. Chicken parmesan with fresh mozzarella In their chosen Flatbush, Mr. Chicken parmesan tomato sauce Miller said, the median price for a two-family house is $562,000.

“It made sense to do it together — to have one contractor, one set of plans,” Mr. Parmesan chicken strips Blyer said. Quick and easy chicken parmesan bake “It seemed a lot simpler than dividing our family resources to do it.”

Misha Chiporukha, a salesman with Douglas Elliman Real Estate, helped the Blyer siblings and their partners find their home. Chicken and parmesan cheese recipe “Buying together was the best option that they had,” he said. What to cook with chicken parmesan “In the past year, I’ve met several buyers who were not able to afford a townhouse on their own, but with friends and family, it becomes possible. How to make chicken parmesan easy Plus, you get more square footage, family gatherings are easier, and with sharing child care expenses, it’s a no-brainer.” Photo

The future home in Flatbush, Brooklyn, of the two couples on the steps, from left, Raina Blyer and Luis Cornier, and Adriana Pezzulli and Jonathan Blyer. Parmesan crusted chicken breast The Blyers are brother and sister. Food com chicken parmesan Credit

The couples plan to convert the property into two condos. Good sides for chicken parmesan Mr. Chicken parmesan recipe panko Blyer and his family will have the top two floors, while his sister and her family take the bottom two, including the backyard. No fry chicken parmesan They will live by certain boundaries. How to make chicken parmesan ahead of time As Mr. Baked chicken parmesan recipe Blyer pointed out: “Of course, she says, ‘You can use it anytime you want,’ but I’m not just going to walk through her house at any given moment that I want to get a suntan.”

Finances will also be handled formally — a joint bank account has already been set up to handle the upkeep of the house. How do i make chicken parmesan But more than just a sound financial decision, living in the same home will provide a sense of community for the two families.

In January, Marc Aschoff, 25, a financial adviser in New York who lives in Hoboken, N.J., and three childhood friends from the Jersey Shore threw their money in a pot and paid $240,000 for a single-family fixer-upper in Springfield, N.J.

“We were looking for a place to purchase to live together,” Mr. Parmesan chicken wraps Aschoff said. Parmesan chicken recipe easy “Our thinking was, find a place, live there for a year or two, fix it up and resell it for a profit.”

Mr. Parmesan crusted chicken alfredo Aschoff’s partners in homeownership are Michael Carbonara, 26, an electrical engineer who lives outside Philadelphia; Michael Zonin, 25, a staff engineer at Langan Engineering in New York; and Chris Sorrentino, 25, a Realtor at Keller Williams City Life in Hoboken.

The men had some previous experience as property owners, having purchased three houses over two years near Lehigh University in Pennsylvania and rented them out to students. Chicken parmesan recipe ragu When they embarked upon that venture, it seemed that everyone was skeptical of the idea.

Mr. Tomato sauce for chicken parmesan Carbonara said: “We bought the first one and everyone was on edge. Parmesan chicken easy Then we bought the second one and we were addicted. What goes with chicken parmesan My mom was like, ‘This kid’s for real.’ ”

Even so, their stint as landlords may not have prepared them for the Springfield house, which is in need of a great deal of work, much of which they are undertaking themselves. Recipe for chicken parmesan in the oven They have argued about money spent and time dedicated to working on the house. Chicken parmesan description And they have encountered the odd renovation surprise, such as a new stairwell installed too close to the front door. Parmesan crusted chicken rachael ray Photo