Why (and how to) make nut milk (it isn’t just about the brownies) _ treading my own path delicious brownie recipe

Nut milk. Easy brownie recipe with cocoa The name sounds kind of ridiculous. Moist brownie recipe with cocoa powder But it looks like milk, has a similar shelf life, can be used in similar ways, and in many cases the nuts do actually have to be “milked”, so it’s easy to see why the name took hold!

When my husband and I started out on our plastic-free journey, we bought cow’s milk that came in returnable glass bottles. Brownie recipe taste But it wasn’t stocked in many places, so finding it was hard – and a bit of effort.

Chocolate brownie recipe in urdu Gathering those glass bottles together to return them meant a heap of clutter and a journey across town with them all (there was no deposit return either, only goodwill). Easy brownie recipe nz Plus what to do with all those lids?!

I began making nut milk alongside dairy milk, because it was a lot easier to find nuts in bulk, and they have a long shelf life (they will last for months in a jar in the pantry, or even better, the freezer). Best brownie recipe uk I found nut milk worked just as well in baking, in porridge and in coffee, and I began to use it more and more.

Eventually I thought more about the impact of the dairy industry on the planet. Best brownie recipe nigella Cows need a lot of water and land to produce milk, they produce huge amounts of methane, cause soil erosion, and the product has to be transported fresh, meaning a higher carbon footprint. Chocolate brownie recipe from scratch Nuts use less water, the trees are beneficial for the environment, and the products have a long shelf life.

But of course, I don’t buy nut milk. Brownie recipe butter Some commercial brands of nut milk are little more than bottled water! Alpro’s nut milk contains only 2% almonds, and the second biggest ingredient is sugar. Rich chocolate brownie recipe Unnecessary packaging aside, shipping all that water across the globe seems like such a waste when we can ship dry nuts (or even better, use local ones) and make our own.

And I have to tell you, making your own is super easy. Traditional brownie recipe It requires no specialised equipment, and takes very little time. Best brownie recipe cocoa powder You’ll need a blender, but it doesn’t have to be a fancy one. Brownie recipe no chocolate How To Make Cashew Milk

Cashew milk is my go-to milk because it’s the easiest. Brownie recipe fudgy Cashews are already quite soft, so they do not need to be soaked for a long time. Simple chocolate brownie recipe with cocoa powder They also contain very little fibre, so there is no need to strain.

I tend to blend my cashews with 1 cup of water at a time, for 30 seconds, before adding the next cup of water. Chocolate brownie recipe eggless I find that there are less (no) lumps in it this way.

Makes 1.2 litres. Chocolate brownie recipe microwave Lasts 5-7 days in the fridge. Chocolate brownie recipe without eggs It may get thicker over time, in which case add a little more water to it. Easy cocoa brownie recipe Cashew milk works absolutely amazingly in coffee, too 🙂 How to Make Almond Milk

Almond milk is the most common nut milk, but it isn’t the easiest or quickest to make. The best chocolate brownie recipe That doesn’t mean it’s hard, mind! It just needs soaking a little longer, and also straining.

Soak 1 cup of raw almonds in water for at least 12 hours, and even 24 hours (change the water every 8 hours or so). Plain chocolate brownie recipe Rinse, and blend with 4 cups of water.Now you need to strain.

I strain my almond milk using cheesecloth as it has a fine weave and is 100% cotton. Best brownie recipe in the world from scratch Spread the cheesecloth over a bowl or jug, pour the milk over and allow the almond milk to drip through. Brownie recipe ideas Squeeze to get any remaining drops out.

I bought my cheesecloth off the roll at a fabric store – it is very inexpensive. Brownie recipe chocolate (Cheesecloth is not the same thing as muslin. Fudge brownie recipe with cocoa powder Muslin has a much looser weave and the fibre all gets stuck!)

Alternatively, you could use a clean tea towel or old pair of tights, or even a fine mesh sieve. Homemade brownie recipe with cocoa powder Before I had the cheesecloth, I used one of my mesh produce bags. Best brownie recipe with cocoa powder There is absolutely no need to buy an expensive plastic nut milk bag!

Makes about 800ml, and leaves a cup of almond pulp. Brownie recipe without cocoa Don’t throw the almond pulp away! It will last in the fridge for a week, or freeze it. Chocolate brownie recipe jamie oliver And then make chocolate brownies : ) (Recipe below). Chocolate brownie recipe using cocoa powder Fresh almond pulp (almond milk on the right). Easy brownie recipe without eggs I use cheesecloth the strain, and scrape the excess pulp off with a knife. Easy blondie brownie recipe How to Make Other Nut Milks

Other nut milks can be made in the same way, and most will require some kind of straining, although they won’t produce as much pulp as almond milk does. Best brownie recipe nz I’ve made macadamia milk (no need to strain), brazil nut milk and walnut milk. Hot fudge brownie recipe Cheaper Nut Milk Alternatives

Nuts can be expensive. Simple homemade brownie recipe Increasing the ratio of nuts to water will make a more cost-effective milk, but will also dilute the milk. Quick chocolate brownie recipe I tend to use the ratio 1:4 nuts:water but this could be increased to 1:5 or 1:6.

As well as nuts, you can also make plant-based milk with seeds, oats and peanuts (which are techincally a legume, not a nut). Simple brownie recipe from scratch These work out much cheaper than nut milks. Brownie chocolate recipe I’ve tried making sesame seed milk (not recommended – it has a very strong flavour!), pumpkin seed milk (which is absolutely delicious) and sunflower seed milk. Classic chocolate brownie recipe Flaxseed milk is also popular, although I’ve never tried this. Simple brownie recipe with cocoa powder Homemade pumpkin seed milk 🙂

As above, the principle is the same. Brownie recipe with cocoa powder and butter Soak, then blend 1 cup seeds with 4 cups water, and strain. Fudgy brownie recipe with cocoa powder What to Do with the Leftover Pulp: Make Almond Pulp Brownies!

This recipe has become my go-to almond pulp recipe. Chocolate brownie recipe taste I’ve made savoury crackers, and macaroons too, but nothing beats chocolate-y goodness, so I always come back to this one.

80g cocoa powder (I’ve used both cocoa powder and raw cacao for this – I prefer cocoa powder but it doesn’t really matter. Chocolate brownie recipe bbc You might want to add a little more sugar if using cacao, though)

In a separate bowl, combine the sugar, cocoa powder and flour, and mix well. Chocolate brownie recipe simple Add to the pan and stir in. Easy s’mores brownie recipe It might seem really dry at first, but it will incorporate. Chocolate fudge brownie recipe jamie oliver Once combined, add the vanilla essence, salt and walnuts (or delicious thing of your choice).

In a tall cylinder, whisk the aquafaba to form stiff peaks. The best brownie recipe in the world (This will take longer than you think.) I use a stick blender with a whisk attachment and it takes at least 5 minutes of constant whisking. Really good brownie recipe Add the aquafaba to the brownie mixture in the pan, slowly folding to incorporate with as little stirring as possible.

Once incorporated, pour into the baking tray. Best cocoa brownie recipe Sprinkle the toppings on (if using) and bake in the oven for 20 – 25 minutes until the top is dry.

Now I’d love to hear from you! Have you ever made nut milk (or seed, oat or rice milk)? Which is your favourite? Which is your least favourite? If you’ve never made it before, is there something putting you off? Do you have any other alternatives to suggest? What about aquafaba – have you ever experimented with that? Are you just a little bit tempted to make these chocolate brownies?! Anything else you’d like to add? Please tell me your thoughts and leave a comment below!

Just made cashew milk for the first time. Moist brownie recipe from scratch Wish it tasted as good as almond milk but I have been taking a long break from making my own almond milk lately because I was sick of the mess and hassle of straining and also because almond prices skyrocketed. The perfect brownie recipe So definitely happy with the cashew milk thanks very much.

In baking (especially savoury things like bread) I have used water mixed with soy flour in place of milk with success (about 1 part soy flour to 3 parts water).