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JOHN YANG: Grilling outdoors and drinking cold refreshments aren’t mentioned anywhere in the Declaration of Independence, but they’re both a big part of how we celebrate the Fourth of July.

This next segment was inspired by some recent revelations about the bestselling brand of American whiskey. Who invented chicken fingers Last week, The New York Times reported that Jack Daniel’s founder actually learned a lot about making whiskey from a slave who worked for the same distiller.

While that’s been known before, it hasn’t been widely advertised. Golden chicken fingers Now the company is starting to acknowledge their complicated history on its distillery tours in Tennessee. Chicken fingers recipe buttermilk That has some people asking questions about the heritage of American whiskey and about other culinary matters in the South.

JOHN YANG: How common was this? Jack Daniel’s knew for a long time about the role of this slave named Nearis Green in the development of the company, but they just never talked about it. Chicken fingers recipe indian style How common was that in the development of food and drink across the South?

Even when someone didn’t — quote — “own enslaved people” or own slaves — we prefer to say enslaved people or enslaved person — enslaved folks were doing the work.

And it’s very interesting, because you read these journals and writings of Southern planters, and it’s as if their hands are in the dirt, it’s as if their fingers are on the bricks, it’s as if their hands are in the kitchen and their hands are on the shovels. Chicken fingers recipe by shireen anwer But they are not.

And so enslaved people are often hired out to work for other people. Chicken fingers dip recipe Distillers were experts. Chicken fingers recipe filipino style They were skilled workers. Chicken strips recipe uk So, that is another form of income.

So, if you are only making so much of a cash crop, a lot of your money is going to come from in the hills and the piedmont from making alcohol, which is substantial. Chicken strips marinade recipe So, that enslaved person would have been very valuable and very necessary to an operation of that sort.

And, unfortunately, because enslaved people were considered three-fifths of a person, they aren’t being given credit for their intellectual capital. Chicken tenders recipe nz So, when an enslaved person invents something or innovate something, they improve something, that credit is being given to the slave holder, not to the enslaved.

And that this does over time is, it sets up for a really bad paradigm, where we think, these poor people, they were just the machines, they were just set to do a task. 4 fingers chicken wings recipe And the reality is, no, these were innovative, entrepreneurial, intelligent people.

You don’t set — you don’t bring a bunch of idiots to your country to build it. Baked chicken strips calories You bring geniuses. Juicy baked chicken tenders And a lot of times, that is what was going on. Baked chicken tenders panko buttermilk They were expert horticulturists. Baked chicken tenders temperature They were expert blacksmiths. Baked chicken tenders time They were expert distillers.

But the unfortunate part is, we know there were more people like Mr. Homemade chicken fingers with flour Green, but will we ever know their names or their stories or what they could have been had they been free men and women?

And I was just part of an ongoing debate, which will never end, over the ownership of Southern cooking. Homemade chicken fingers with panko And the best way to put it is, is that this is a co-created world. Homemade chicken tenders batter It’s a co-created world between Africans, Europeans and Native Americans and others who are making up Southern-ness and American-ness as they go.

But I would like to always quote art historian Robert Farris Thompson, who says, until you know how African you are, you don’t know how American you are.

So, all of these pieces are woven in together. Homemade chicken strips with bread crumbs And you can’t possibly talk about the Southern kitchen without talking about peanuts or sesame or okra or watermelon or deep frying or barbecue or other forms of cooking techniques and spicing and ways of looking at food that are uniquely part of the African diaspora.

JOHN YANG: What do you think of Jack Daniel’s distillery now acknowledging the role that this man played in the development of the company and of the product?

I think that we are at a point where the pushback — and I have led some of that pushback — talking about cultural appropriation, talking about giving credit where credit is due — sometimes, I recoil, because I feel, oh, I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing.

But when I hear news like this, I know I am. How to make chicken fingers with flour And other people who are like me are rewriting the history of American food and drink, not just because we want to talk about the past, but we have brilliant black mixologists, brilliant black bartenders in the now whose legacy we can not only celebrate, but preserve, so people know that Mr. How to make chicken strips without eggs Green didn’t die in vain.

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