(yonhap feature) kkangtong market, where tradition meets vogue at night

BUSAN, Oct. Noodles & noodles 28 (Yonhap) — With her back bent, Min Geum-joo moves her wrinkled hands skillfully to make “Busan bibim dangmyeon,” cold chewy noodles with some vegetable toppings.

She is not only a master of cooking the regional food but also a living witness of Bupyeong Kkangtong (tin can) Market, known as South Korea’s first-ever standing night market.

“My mother opened this restaurant after the (1950-53) Korean War,” she said, as a black and white photo of her late mother standing behind a huge pot hangs on the wall.

Her small and shabby eatery specializes in bibim dangmyeon, fried tofu pockets and various types of soups, with its sign above the entrance reading, “Popular for the second consecutive generation.”

The relatively quiet place appears to be a different world from the stretch of alley just outside the doorway, bustling with people, mostly young, and a special night life.

“Yes, there are many young people in this market these days. Noodles and company riverdale But it’s of no big help to me, frankly,” Min said. Noodles and company nanuet “They are not here for my food.”

She usually caters to regular customers, largely middle-aged or older, for breakfast or lunch before the night market starts at 7:30 p.m. Noodles and copany and this area turns into a new world, nicknamed “fusion food paradise” or “fusion buffet.”

Located in the shoreside area in the southern district of Jung-gu, the Bupyeong Kkangtong Market was born about a century ago under a different name.

Jagalchi is South Korea’s largest seafood market. Noodles and company jordan landing Gukje, initially formed by Korean War refugees, sells clothing, machinery, electronics, kitchen appliances, agricultural products, dairy goods, and various other products for wholesale prices.

The Kkangtong market especially thrived on a variety of canned goods imported from the United States for its forces stationed in South Korea during and after the Korean War, which earned it the current name Kkangtong. House noodles The Vietnam War was also a boon for it.

In a bid to help revive the time-honored market, the Busan city government opened the outdoor night market in a section of the Kkangtong in 2013, modeled after Thailand’s street food markets and Taiwan’s night markets.

They serve various sorts of drinks, including sweet rice juice, and feature such Korean, international and fusion food as Busan’s signature fish cake, Scotch BBQ eggs, ice cream pizza, fried ice cream, and soup in bread bowls, if not upscale food. Noodles and noodles Some accessories and other souvenirs are sold on a few other carts.

“The food is so diverse and attractive. Noodles and company nashua nh The mood is lively. Noodles and company prices menu It doesn’t feel like a traditional market with an old and outdated image. Healthy noodles and company I hope there will be one like this near my home,” Kim Jie-eun, a 23-year-old office worker from Ansan, just south of Seoul, said with a Cuban-style bulb-shaped cup of sugarcane juice in hand during a trip with her friend.

The Kkangtong’s night market is a place where young meets old. Noodles and company 104th federal It offers a fusion of tradition, modernity and globalization in terms of not just food but also vendors.

“This is Harbin’s traditional dish,” said Han Dan, an ethnic Korean from the city in the Chinese province of Heilongjiang, while pointing to stir-fried egg with cold noodles. Noodles and company apply “We don’t use flavored pepper, though, as some Koreans don’t like it.”

“Sorry, I was too busy to talk to you before,” he gently apologized and finally accepted an interview request with his wife standing next to him. Noodles and company sizes “We started this business only a month ago based on cooking experience in China after defecting from North Korea.”

This night market, indeed, has emerged as a hot tourist spot, drawing teenagers, students, couples on dates and young working locals as well as families. Noodles etc hours It could be a role model for other traditional markets struggling to survive.

“I am just looking around. Noodles and company carry out I would not try any food here because I have no idea on ingredients. Rock n noodles menu I am worried about my stomach,” quipped Iosu Berasteeu, 32, from Spain.

The metal factory worker and his two friends were vacationing in South Korea after visiting Japan on a regional trip that will also take them to China.

“This night market itself is not that special to me. Noodles and company folsom There are similar ones in Spain. Wiki noodles I have seen some in Southeast Asian countries as well,” he added.

Another problem, far bigger, is internal friction between traditional merchants and street vendors, to which Min alluded. Noodles and company fargo For some, it’s a matter of survival. Noodles etc chicago il They complain about congestion and higher rent.

While the night business zone of the Bupyeong Kkangtong Market bustles with people, most other stores in the market are closed after daytime operations. Noodles and compny (Yonhap)

The conflict can resurface any time and it’s necessary to secure conditions for stable operations of the night market from the longer-term perspective, city officials said.

“Unless the row is resolved, it will eventually lead to damage to the entire market,” an official at the Jung-gu (central) District Office said, asking not to be named.

Definitely, Min hopes that the Bupyeong Kkangtong Market will continue to grow as a site for the younger generation and even foreigners to try her bibim fangmyeon, with a bowl priced at 4,000 won (US$3.50), tonight or some day.

HOW TO GET THERE: Busan is accessible by KTX train and express buses from major cities. Noodles and company timings Located in the southern part of the city, the market is connected to multiple subway and bus lines, including Jagalchi and Toseong stations on Busan Subway Line 1. Noodles and company menu w prices Bus routes include 103, 11, 113 and 126 and visitors can get off at the Bupyeong Kkangtong Market and Bosu-dong Book Alley stations. Noodles and company tulsa menu The address is 32 Bupyeong-dong-2-ga, Jung-gu, Busan, South Korea.