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This week on “The Bachelor,” Ben went to the hometowns of Amanda, Lauren, Jojo and Amanda. Noodles plus menu The past couple of weeks have been emotionally draining for Ben, but I know that the girls have to be feeling a lot of pressure as well. Noodles and company boise They’re all falling for Ben, yet they have to watch other women fight for his love and attention – and that’s heartbreaking for any girl.

Noodles and company yelp Hopefully, returning to the comfort of their homes will allow them to unwind and get a clearer perspective on the situation.

The first hometown on the list was Orange County, Calif., Amanda’s hometown. Noodles menu calories Their date was especially important because the time had come for Ben to meet Amanda’s daughters. Noodles and company 76th st All things considered, I think their first encounter went off without a hitch.

First of all, words can’t express how cute and precious her daughters were! Her older daughter, Ansley, seemed to adjust to Ben more quickly and was chasing him around in no time.

When it was time to meet Amanda’s parents, Ben was a tad nervous because he anticipated that her family would be super protective of her. Noodles and company prices He brought flowers like any gentleman would and was nothing less than pleasant. Noodles and company delivery Amanda’s dad thought that Ben looked like a deer in headlights when it came to handling her kids, and I agree. Noodles king menu Amanda’s mom said that Ben was young yet mature, but it was still too early to tell what he would be like as an instant dad. Noodles and company laurel The scary part about Amanda and Ben’s narrative is that they both need to take care to be sure of their decisions because kids are involved. Noodles and company east lansing He is indeed a young guy, and taking on someone else’s kids isn’t easy. Noodles and company workday He worked well with them, but it doesn’t seem to me like that situation would work for our favorite bachelor.

Lauren’s hometown of Portland, Ore., was next up, and I was especially excited for this part. Noodles and company zona rosa As you all know, I have always felt like Ben and Lauren have had the strongest connection since the very beginning. Noodles and company monroeville pa I was interested to see how their time together would go after a few rocky instances; however, I soon realized that those difficult moments weren’t big enough to halt their connection. Noodles & company catering Lauren is in love with Ben, but chose not to tell him until he met her family. Noodles and company madison Honestly, I don’t think she has to say the actual words for Ben to know where she stands.

For their date, Lauren took Ben to an area in Portland known for food trucks. Noodles n company hours They tried all the wonderful deep-fried and high calorie foods that life has to offer before heading to a beautiful whiskey library. Noodles hours The combination of the whiskey and the calming ambience allowed Ben to express to Lauren that he was uneasy because he thought that she was going to leave the competition. Xian noodles menu I’m glad she didn’t, because if she did, I think Ben would’ve have been crushed beyond measure.

Before Ben and Lauren arrived at her family’s house, her family was discussing their daughter’s well-being. Noodles and company waukesha They seem like a wholesome, tight-knit family that are open to get to know Ben, but are wary of his intentions. Noodles and company schaumburg Lauren’s sister had a nice talk with Ben to make sure that he wasn’t giving the same speech to each family and was being genuine. Noodles and company breach Ben said that he can’t put how he feels for Lauren into words, then started crying! Aww! The crazy thing is that Lauren also started crying when she started talking about Ben. About noodles and company She feels like Ben is her person and that their paths were meant to cross. Noodles and company lone tree They’re totally in love – you heard it here first.

Lauren’s dad wants Lauren to remember that she may have strong feelings for Ben, but there are still three other women in the picture. Noodles and company nutrition Lauren takes her father’s advice to heart; as a result, she decided not to reveal her love to Ben at the end of the night.

Kayla’s hometown visit in Hudson, Ohio, was my most favorite of all. Menu at noodles and company Ben is so enthralled with Kayla because she challenges him and keeps it real at all costs. Noodles of the world locations Ben dubbed his relationship with Kayla as the deepest relationship out of all the girls, and his next step is completely falling for her. Noodles and company rochester How could you not fall for her, though – Kayla is the ultimate great mixture of honesty, mystery, fun and good looks.

Kayla took Ben for a romantic stroll through the city of Hudson before taking him to a very special bench at her former high school. Noodles and company frankfort She’s always wanted to sit at that bench with a guy that meant a lot to her, and no other guy has gotten that honor (cue “Aww”).

They moved on to her dad’s toy factory to design and build a toy house together, and it was the coolest thing ever. Noodles and company ames Not to mention, Kayla was totally killing it in her leather pants. Noodles and company orem Kayla is also in love with Ben, but wants her parents’ validation before telling him.

Kayla’s parents didn’t waste any time whatsoever passing over the fluff and getting to the hard part. Www noodles Her dad wanted to know how Ben is dealing with the microwave fame, and her mom got Ben alone to get an inside look on his attraction to Kayla. Noodles and company bangkok curry After the hard part was over, though, Kayla’s dad gave the best advice. Noodles and company loveland He told them that if you find the right person, you’ll never regret that decision for the rest of your life. Menu noodles and company Those were wise and important words for Ben to take heed to.

At the end of the night, Kayla was ready to tell Ben that she loved him but didn’t allow herself to fully trust him in that moment. Noodles and company tulsa She thought that Ben deserves better than that, but I think she’s being a little hard on herself. Noodles and company layton Telling a man that you love him when three other women feel the same way, when he probably returns the feels for some of those women, is an extremely daunting task! Don’t sweat it Kayla, you’re only human.

They certainly saved the best for last, because Ben’s visit to Jojo’s hometown in Dallas, Texas was the most intense of all. Noodles and company reviews Jojo arrived at home to a bouquet of flowers and a love letter, which she assumed was from Ben. All about noodles She opened the letter and began reading, only to find that it was from her ex, Chad. Noodles shop Seriously, Chad? You choose to do this to her now? Jojo decided to call Chad and confront the issue head-on, and I agree with her decision whole-heartedly – you have to be firm with narcissistic douchebags.

Ben walked in to find Jojo crying, and it made things weird. Noodles and company boulder I’m glad she sat Ben down and was honest about the situation. Www noodles and company If she hadn’t done that, it certainly would’ve made matters worse. Noodles delight menu Jojo felt comfortable enough to tell Ben that she loved him at the end of their conversation, but I think she may still be slightly in love with her ex.

They made their way to her family’s home, and that’s when things got really tricky. Noodles and company glen ellyn Jojo has another tight-knit family, complete with two overprotective older brothers. Noodles and company hours The brothers let Ben know that they’re highly attached to Jojo and are uneasy because they saw the damage of her last relationship. Noodles inc menu One of them even said that he genuinely couldn’t say that Ben is that terrific – ouch!

The guardians sat with Jojo and inquired about her relationship with Ben. Noodles and company concord ca They couldn’t understand how she could be in love with Ben after only two solo dates and urged her to keep her heart guarded. Noodles and company dc I can see where their comments frustrated Jojo, because the only way to find love is by keeping your guard down. Noodles and company vcu If she was going to stay guarded the whole time, what was the point of going on “The Bachelor?”

One brother is sure that Ben isn’t as emotionally vested as Jojo is, and he wasn’t backing down on revealing Ben’s intentions. Noodles in company The whole family sat in the kitchen, without Jojo, and her brother totally called Ben out. Noodles and company ingredients Ben tried to assure him that he cares for Jojo a lot and doesn’t want to hurt her, but her brothers weren’t having it. Noodles and company orland park They were absolutely intimidating and weren’t welcoming at all. Noodles and company elk river I also felt like they were trying to attack Ben’s character before they even tried to get to know him, especially when one brother asked Ben if he was coached to give certain responses – how rude! Ben left Dallas feeling very unsettled after the visit, and he has every right to feel that way.

The rose ceremony arrived, and the roses were given out in the order of Lauren, Kayla, then Jojo. Noodles and company richfield Amanda felt a bit slighted because she thought Ben should’ve told her he didn’t think it would work out in Orange County, instead of making her come back to LA to be dumped. Noodles and company oakland Ben claimed that he wanted to go to all of the hometowns first, but something tells me that he knew Amanda wouldn’t be getting that rose. Noodles & company hours I think that he might have felt that way, but didn’t want to follow his instincts because of what a great person Amanda is. Noodles and company cupertino Their goodbyes were truly heartfelt, leaving Ben crying as she drove off.

I can’t image what the next couple weeks are going to be like! I have my suspicions, but I don’t know who’s going home next week. Noodles menu fayetteville ar I must say that “The Bachelor” has kept it interesting this season. Ceo of noodles and company Tags: the bachelor, ben higgins, abc, television

Zoe Benjamin, currently a senior at UW-Milwaukee, was raised in the South suburbs of Chicago. United noodles menu She is a foodie, an avid traveler and music junkie, with just the right amount of nerdiness to top it all off.

Growing up in a large Jamaican family exposed her to a lifestyle full of food, laughter and pride. Yummy noodles menu Zoe’s appreciation for her family’s eclectic nature led her to celebrate the differences in others. Noodles and company logo She just so happens to especially enjoy the study of food, seeing that eating is her favorite pastime.

Ever since she was able to get on a plane by herself, Zoe has taken the liberty of traveling to every place within her reach — whether that be the next state over, or across the seas. Noodles noodles noodles Her wanderlust has taken her to 10 different countries, with France being her favorite. Noodles 28 menu Nothing excites her more than French food and wine. Noodles and company fairfax Zoe hopes to absorb and share as much culture as she can so that the world may become that much more accepting of all the bountiful diversity in the world.